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Hi, I came across Vipasyin while searching the Internet for couples counselling and intimacy issues. Me and my partner were going through a patch where our intimacy was drifting away and we wanted to take professional help. The Vipasyin team was extremely responsive when I reached out to them. They made me feel comfortable when I was approaching them with our issues, and their response on messages was warm, welcoming and understanding. After understanding my issues, Vipasyin assigned a therapist. I have only had a couple of sessions with the therapist but these sessions were transformative for me. I felt that the therapist completely understood me and my problems. She made me comfortable so that I could open up about my intimacy issues. The therapy that I am undertaking including the homework’s suggested is really helping me inch towards resolving my problems. It’s still early, but I am extremely confident that I am in good hands and with someone who understands me, understands my problems, and who knows how to get me out of it.

I feel extremely lucky to have stumbled upon Vipasyin.

I thank the entire team of Vipasyin and wish them the best of luck!
Very Helpful Platform For Women's Sexual Health. Available Anytime. It Helped Me Alot. Before This I Was Going Through Many Problems But This Platform Guided Me Well. Thanks Alot For Your Services!

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