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How to deal with an unwanted pregnancy?


Very friendly coordinators and helped me at the exact time when needed. Thank you so much
A 24 year old female who had a fear on unplanned pregnancy and great fear on termination of that pregnancy in a gynaec clinic because the stories she heard and few gynaec she met was so judgmental before they understand the situation .while surfing found hidden pockets ♥️And they are the saviour where I cannot share what i am going through expect with my partner there comes my counsellor .she was much patient especially non judgemental .she was there all the time and helped me in each and every step .I am so glad that INDIA got a platform like hidden pockets and I ll make sure that all the female should know about this platform .They can do any help for their clients .I was fearfree when I feel that these people will help me and that’s the great support that fellow people need .YOU ARE DOING A GREAT WORK AND KEEP DOING ♥️♥️♥️ Much love you my counsellor ♥️