6 Best Period Tracking Apps to make your life easy!


When was the last time you got your period? Is your period late this month? Or can you see sudden changes in your cycle? These are some questions that you may not be able to answer if you don’t track your periods every month. Here, we bring you the best 6 apps which will make period tracking easy and fun for you!

It should be noted that these apps work best when you have a fairly regular cycle of 26-35 days. However, even if you have irregular cycles or sudden changes in the cycle, tracking them would help you decide when to go see your healthcare professional or gynaecologist.

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  1. Lunar – Period Tracker & Ovulation Calendar 

This app accurately tracks your menstrual cycle by logging in simple information like the number of days you menstruate, cycle length and date of your last period. It has calendar reminders to help you prepare and be aware of your upcoming cycle events.

You can log daily to record your mood, symptoms, or if you had sexual intercourse. The app will analyze your current and past menstrual cycles to discover your unique pattern! It also provides informative wellness tips within an empowering women’s community. 

Download hereAndroid & iOS (iOS version not available in India)

  1. Nyra – Period, Fertility & Ovulation Tracker App by Vivant 

This app tracks your period start and end date with the period calendar feature. You can log your flow intensity & mood swings for improved period predictions. You can schedule reminders, start a free chat with a doctor and take various health assessments to know more about your periods and health.

The app also has a step tracker which counts the number of steps you walked daily. So, fitness and period tracking go hand in hand! One of the inclusive features of this app is that it supports 5 different languages namely English, Hindi, Malay, Tamil and Indonesian.

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Download here: Android & iOS

  1. My Calendar – Period Tracker by SimpleInnovation

This app is an extremely elegant and easy-to-use app that helps women keep track of periods, cycle ovulation and fertile days. It offers everything you need; track irregular periods, weight, temperature, moods, blood flow, symptoms and more.

Period calendar protects your most private data as it can be password locked, keeping your information to yourself. It is a highly customizable app where you adjust the number of days of various phases in the cycle. The information can be quickly backed up so you will never lose the data!

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Download here: Android & iOS

  1. Eve Period Tracker by Glow Inc. 

This app is the most interactive and attractive in terms of its interface. The icons are visually appealing and it makes you come back to the app daily to log your period related information. The calendar views on period tracker show your next fertile window, ovulation day and upcoming period.

You can also see your health data and PMS symptoms visualized in beautiful charts. You can review your past menstrual cycles to understand your period health and fertility. Join the Eve community to make period tracking fun.

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Download here: Android & iOS

  1. WomenLog Period Tracker & Calendar by ProActive

On the basis of the previous cycle data and depending on the fluctuations of the cycle length during previous months, this app keeps improving its predictions to notify when your next cycle begins. If you’re looking for an app that is easy-to-use and gives you enough freedom to log all possible data like cycle length, period length, luteal phase etc, this app is for you! This app can be synced with Google fit band too, so your menstrual cycle tracking can easily be done using your wrist.     

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Download here: Android & iOS

6. MayaPeriod, Fertility, Ovulation & Pregnancy

This is an easy and fun period tracker app which shows different menstrual phases in intuitive colours. You can log information about your menstrual cycle length and flow length. The app will automatically and accurately  predict as when will be your next period date, your fertility window where unprotected sex can lead to unintentional pregnancy and so on.

This app also provides you with a feature of inserting reminders to your device calendar at different points in your cycle. Also, you can upgrade to their premium version with as low as Rs. 65/- monthly for additional features and removal of ads.

Download here: Android & iOS


More often than we think, we let our sexual and reproductive health take a backseat. Since periods happen every month and because it becomes common, we reduce it’s importance often.

However, tracking period cycles is a very important aspect of your sexual health and well-being. And we hope these apps help you become healthier and happier!

If you are feeling low or dull with your mood, or you’re facing any issues with your periods talk to us immediately. We’ll help you. If you are stuck while installing any of the above apps, or you don’t understand something inside the app, you can talk to us. For instant help, click this Whatsapp button to talk to us: header wp icon

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