6th Young Feminist Meet Ups

6th Young Feminist Meet Ups:

Amidst the silence of Coffee Home met 5 young feminists. Some coming back from their work, some trying to settle their thesis, and some just returning back from their household work. The idea was to have a meet up where young feminists could share their different existing work, different battles, and discuss a way forward. It was aimed to meet new feminists and get introduced to different ventures within the city.

There was a clear need of mapping already existing ventures within the city. Some of us were aware about some of the ventures, but a lot of opportunities were being missed out, and there was a lot of re-invention of wheel, and we needed more clear structures and organizational skills to counter some of our defects.

Some of us did feel that young feminists need to keep working o
n different issues, and keep trying to create infrastructure. There is a need for solidarity and a need to acknowledge each other as friends and not as competitors.12795091_10153315441461364_3142938261635115851_o

We also realized there is something missing, and we are not really able to connect with each other. We are all young feminists, but there is no common thread that forces us to trust each other. It will only come with practice, with those little mistakes that we undertake as one team. It is not enough to have an online solidarity, we need to put faces behind our struggles, we need to know each other as individuals and be there as a team to help each other out.

We are also taking this opportunity to bring an end to our Young Feminist Meet Ups for this year. We have conducted 6 so far, and we have realized, we need to have a different model of meet ups, which bring young feminists more easily and give a better foundation. We are extremely grateful to people who have been there, and have learned so much in the process.  

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