7 things you never notice while walking around Delhi

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While I have to notice the potholes and the broken footpaths and the rough trails, there are things that I do pay attention to, even more. We forget to see the life in the everyday. Being part of the rat race, we forget to acknowledge the creations around in the process, because we are always in a hurry. We forget to smile! Delhi is a beautiful place to walk around. Walking is a pleasure to me. It is a leisurely evening walk that completes my day.

Here are few of the things that can bring a smile to our faces if we start to notice our surroundings!

1.The mesmerising skyline.


 A wise man once said to me, “In life always look up as you walk. Your attitude matters.” And I took that really seriously. I always look at the sky as I walk and everyday I get to see a different hue a different formation of the clouds. This is what makes my day! Try doing this, it’s a lovely feeling.


2. The kaleidoscope that the traffic light, vehicle tail lights and nature create.


Colours can brighten your life. And nature has ample colours of its own to keep us enchanted. We just need to notice. The red and the yellows in the pic set the mood for the evening.

3.The smiles of the kids around.


Smile is the only curve that sets everything straight. And a kid’s smile is simply adorable! Try passing a smile to to every kid you pass, at traffic signals or in the market place. Well, it’s still tax free. So just smile and spread happiness around!

4.The Kulchey wale bhaiya.

kulchey wale bhaiya

Come hail, come storm. Our Kulchey wale bhaiya stands still like a rock. In Delhi, almost every lane has a kulchey wala who sells chhole kulchey or chhole paranthe for INR 20/- a plate. They even have raita to quench your thirst for just INR 10/-. It is a filling, pocket friendly meal that they provide. I am ever thankful to them for satisfying this foodie’s soul!

5.The beautiful amalgam of the modern and the historical that Delhi is.


Every nook and corner of Delhi has monuments that remind you of the glorious past every now and then. The present becomes a ‘present’ for us with so much of the majestic past around.

6.The street dogs who follow you or look at you with the sole wish to get a loving pat.


All they need is love! And all they give is love. These dogs are definition of unconditional love. Pat them once and every time you pass by, they keep following you. And who does not like a follower? Well, I do!

7.The daily struggle and happiness of the people we see around.


We are all sailing in the same boat, every day of our lives. All we can do is say hello to our fellow sailor, share our stories and get inspired or give inspiration. Human tales can be healing. It can spread the much needed happiness that we look for in life.

Here’s a secret formula for happiness by Tim from the movie About Time. “He told me to live every day again almost exactly the same. The first time with all the tensions and worries that stop us noticing how sweet the world can be, but the second time noticing.”

So people start noticing, walking would become a pleasure for you to!

Photo Courtesy: Instagram @aabra_ka_daabra

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