Babe.. I missed my period!

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What does it mean when you skip a period?

Babe.. I missed my period!

My panicked voice ran shivers to his spine but being a sensible partner he calmly said: Let’s figure out what it is. First of all, don’t freak out– Breath.

Being anemic and super skinny, I was doing excessive exercise for weight gain and later we found that my excessive exercise and anxiety disorder caused delay in periods.

Coming to the point, Most of us gone through this near to hell experience at least once in life and the first thing comes to our mind is “Pregnancy”

But NO! If you want to ensure that you are not pregnant then do use the pregnancy calculator to check when to use the pregnancy test kit.

There are many other reasons for delayed periods or sometimes we skip a month and they come back with more power the next month.

Like my partner said “Don’t freak out- take a deep breath.

Irregularities in menstrual cycles aren’t all that rare.

A number of lifestyle and health factors can prompt our periods to take a mini- vacation. Still, never wait to take a pregnancy test to rule out a potential pregnancy.


When we point out the reasons of missed periods- the list is too big:

* Stress : Stress takes a serious bite out of our bodies

* Diet : Women, Never skip your breakfast.

* Excessive Exercise: Do you know that excessive exercise lowers the amount of female sex hormones (estrogen and progesterone).

* Underweight/ Overweight: There’s no specific weight above or below which you’re guaranteed to stop ovulating or menstruating but, less fat means lower Leptin and more fat disrupt coordination between brain and ovaries.

* Hormonal Issues : Got Thyroid? PCOS? POF(Premature Ovarian Failure AKA Early Menopause)?

* Under medication: Some painkillers (Including the very common aspirin) can mess up our cycle. And say NO to antidepressants if you regularly facing issues with delayed or missed periods.

* Birth Control : Most birth control pills and patches prevent pregnancy by halting ovulation but if you stop pills and do not resume your menstruation within 3 months, Something else is going on in your body.

And here come the time for action– Most of the conditions can be tested yet some can not be completely resolved, a test can help you to understand the problem andre-regulate our cycle.

The bottom line?

If you miss more than one period, you’re sure you’re not pregnant, and you’ve exhausted all possibilities, it may be time to make some lifestyle changes.

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