Condom Size: One Size Fits For All?


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When at the pharmacy or at the health & wellness section in the supermarkets, do you check for the size of the condoms before you make the purchase? Or are you the type who just buys any condom in a hurry such that you are spared of the “embarrassment” of spending a bit too much time in the condom section of the shop? 

We have news for you: not all condoms are made for everyone yo!

If you have observed that the condoms you use are too slippery and thus acts as a bummer when having sex with your partner, or the condoms are just a tad too tight that it makes the whole sex so very uncomfortable, then for sure you have been buying and wearing condoms all wrong!

The size of the condoms does matter and hey keep aside the big penis/ small penis ego stuff that you have been fed by the “wise/ experienced” people about sexual pleasure. A penis is a penis. PERIOD. All these blah blah about penis size is just that: BLAH. For sexual pleasure, really size is not that very important. What matters is you wear the right condom such that you and your partner have fantastic sex, instead of the “erm, okay okay sex”.

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What happens when you wear the wrong size condom

When the condom is too large for your penis, then there are high chances that the condom will keep slipping off while you and your partner are thrusting away towards the big “O”. This can be extremely uncomfortable for both you and your partner. 

And when the condom is too small for your penis, then it’s one tight sausage you have there, waiting to break free from the casing! Often there can be a tear in the condom as you and your partner get lost in the “Ummm, more push, more push, faster, faster” sex. The result: well, an unplanned pregnancy because both you and your partner thought that protected sex means no pregnancy, but what you both missed noticing was the condom that had a teeny tiny tear for all the sperms to et out and say, “Wohoo, where is the egg? Let’s partaaay in the uterus!”

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The condom sizes: what is mine/ my partner’s

To put in simplest terms, condoms come in three sizes viz (1) standard fit (2) snug fit (3) large fit

Now, different brands have different standards as to what these three sizes are, something like how your size 10 clothes from Zara might not fit the same way as a size 10  from Vero Moda. Thus you need to keep in mind that when you do your trial and error purchases to find the right condom size. 

The golden rule in size standards can be said to be this:

When the erect penis has a girth of less than 4.7 inches, then a snug fit condom is the one that will make the penis say “me comfy.” If the girth is between 4.7 and 5.1 inches, then a regular fit condom will make the penis say “phew!” Now for the large fit condom the girth is between 5.1 and 6 inches (please don’t think: “oooh big penis, oh yeah, I am the King/ my partner is the King.” Grow up from high school mode yo! Penis size has nothing to do with pleasure and satisfaction for yourself/partner, unless of course you still live on some ignorant island.)

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How to measure the penis to get the right size of condom

The measurements are to be taken when the penis is erect.

  1. To get the girth: You need to take measurements from the thickest part of your penis. Use a thread or a soft measuring tape and turn it around this thickest part. Make a mark on the thread or the tape. Once the measurement is done, then straighten the thread against a measuring ruler to get the number. 
  2. To get the length: Use the measuring tape or the measuring ruler. Hold it such that you can measure the length from the tip of the penis to the base of the penis (where the penis meets the pelvis)

It is indeed the girth measurements that matter when it comes to a proper fit. However, length measurements are needed so that you buy a condom that covers the entire penis and leaves enough space for the ejaculate to be collected at the tip of the condom. 

Snug fit condoms have a length between 7.0 to 7.8 inches. Regular fit condoms have a length between 7.25 to 7.8 inches and large fit condoms have between 7.25 and 8.1 inches. 

Before you get all “whaaaat” about the length measurements, let us tell you this: condoms are manufactured such that they are longer than they need to be. This is to ensure that there is enough space at the tip of the penis and that the whole penis is wrapped inside the condom. Any extra length is just rolled at the base of the penis. 

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