Discovering #PleasurePockets in Bangalore: Walk free like Pockets spree


When you are a stranger in a new city, the best way to get a feel of your new neighborhood and to map out interests close to you, is by foot. This essentially means long walks through a maze of streets, buildings, bazaars and the works.

Many cities in India have a reputation for being ‘unsafe’ post sundown. Walks and vigils have been conducted across the globe by professionals, student bodies and others alike who, like us, believe that the streets (no matter what time of the day) must not be feared in any respect. These streets were made with a sole intention of public use in mind and if that purpose expires with the setting of the sun, it is lost and the forces in play that perpetuate the visage of it being unsafe automatically get the upper hand. This is what we aim to stop. Reclaiming the streets is more than just speaking out for our rights to use them at any given time, it is also about us debunking the myths that surround certain spaces. This is a problem that affects both women and men


Hidden Pockets presents ‘Walk Free like a Pockets Spree,’ a walk that aims to bring about a change with regard to how people look at, thinking about these places and aim to reestablish their confidence to come back out and reclaim these ‘unsafe streets’. Join us on the 6th of January, 2016 in front of Christ University’s Main Gate at 8.00 p.m to walk with us as we share our experiences and reclaim- inch by inch- the streets; your streets; our streets.

P.S- Everyone who joins this walk will be allowed to speak their mind be it through words, poems, song,etc. All for a good cause, people!

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Sharran Thomas is a millennial writer who belongs in the counter-culture; studying law to make the world a more understanding space.

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