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A question from Udta Punjab

Alia asks Shahid: Kisse bhaag rahe ho? (Who are you running from?)

Shahid? Apne aap se (from myself)

I have been working as a certified healing practitioner for three years now. I work with different modalities including Angel Tarot Card Readings, SRT (Spiritual Response Therapy), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Bach Flower Remedies and Life Coaching at Zariya. I have worked with people on issues related to depression, addictions, job related stress, anxiety attacks, emotional trauma, women’s issues and more.  

As a healer, I meet different types of clients everyday. Everyone is looking for a Band-Aid to their pain; a resolution to the emptiness. Deep emptiness. Sometimes it’s too dark and sometimes the emptiness disguises itself in the glitters of ‘success’, and other times it adorns the name – busy. But most of the time, it is the pain that is screaming. Screaming to be heard. Shouting to be acknowledged. Numbing to be felt. In this day and age, in the process of being ‘someone’, we are forgetting who we are and also eroding our own selves to be able to become that someone.

While we idolize that someone, what happens to us? To our own souls? What does the soul want? Maybe it wants to dance, maybe it wants to lie down on the green grass. Maybe run a marathon, or fly a plane. Or maybe just stare at the clouds passing by. But how do we choose to spend the moments of our day? Running on a loop or mindfully breathing and being cognizant? The body – always doing. Never stopping. The mind – over thinking.

What do we all really want at the end? And where are we all looking for it? In other people, in our loved ones? In our job? Our trades or hobbies? Our children? Our parents? Maybe our governments? Or is it in their opinion of us? The more we swim towards the external to satiate our own dreams, to validate our voids, the further away would the shore be for us.

There is no right time to do it but why can’t we begin the journey within right now? We might get to know ourselves better, might get to visit these pockets of emptiness, we formed? Why are we so lonely even in a room full of people? And never happy with all the posturing we so painfully indulge in? Why don’t we ‘get off the fence’?   

These are some questions that I come across everyday as I speak to various people coming from varied walks of life.

And all the answers to those questions invariably can only be found within each one of my clients.  However, the road within may not be the same for all. To each their  own. Many have found Angel Tarot card readings very effective and healing for them. For some, who prefer distance healing and clearing in the Akashic records, SRT works. While there are others, who prefer to chant or meditate, some like a hands-on Reiki session and then there is Crystal Healing or Bach Flower Remedies that work on healing people’s emotions directly. There is something for everybody, it is just their willingness to change and adapt that helps them choose and therefore heal from within faster. 

People come from different walks of life and the age group for my client ranges from 18- 70.

Take a look at some testimonials that my clients have written, sharing their experiences of my services. I have experienced various miracles during the course of my work with people, be it developing love in dreadful relationships, or learning to forgive, instant recovery to long drawn illnesses or financial security in jobs.


The hardest thing a client ever told me was not being able to look into the mirror and say good things about herself for a few minutes everyday. This is part of an exercise – ‘Loving yourself’ by Louise Hay –  a motivational author and the founder of Hay House. She said she just couldn’t say it after the first day. It can be daunting looking into your own eyes and saying that you have done a good job. Can be very hard to say it. But why? It’s just a mirror and you’re just saying these words to yourself.

Then why do your eyes well up? And why can’t you talk to yourself? Maybe because we have become so disconnected with ourselves that it is intimidating to get a glimpse into our own dreams and aspirations or the lack of it. Sometimes difficult to admit who we really are, but when we can free ourselves from our own shackles, we will truly experience the essence of who we really are.

Let us stop running from ourselves, and try and go within to unveil the truth. In acceptance and surrendering to the divine, we would bring forth understanding and love.

Those whose beliefs are aligned to mine are more likely to find results and/or are welcome to contact me for us to create some magic together. I have been a healing practitioner based in Delhi since 2013. I have come a long way since I started the practice. I have experimented with various traditional and avate garde healing modalities and one thing that is a common goal in all of these modalities is to learn to operate in this world from a place of secure self-love instead of fear.

Or Shahid will forever be afraid and keep running from himself.

Article by: Anisha Dutt

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