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I will be honest, there were so many times I have waited for my periods to give an answer whether I’m pregnant or not. Those anxious moods, venting to my best buddy and cursing myself to have used the contraception properly were daunting. For every pregnancy scare that I’ve been through at one point in my life, I had decided to stop having sex at all, but ah, you do it again. In those occasional pregnancy scares, rather than panicking and waiting for a doctor’s appointment, the convenient option for sure is a home pregnancy test. Here is a sneak peek into my experience using home pregnancy tests which may help you all out. 

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Having sex before marriage is sadly viewed as immoral in our country and then comes the question of ‘log kya kahenge?’. However, I built up the courage and went to a chemist store far away, where I thought my family wouldn’t visit. I was nervous and quickly asked for a pregnancy test without seeing what type or brand it is. It cost me only Rs.50/- and I was glad that they made them so cheaaaap! 

After going home, I went to the bathroom to have a good look at the pregnancy test. The brand was “Prega News”. It had a dropper, a single-use test strip and some silica granules. On the label, it was instructed to use the first urine of the day in the morning. So, the next morning I secretly went inside the kitchen to get any clean container to store the urine. Here, I wished if they would have provided me with a tray or something like that. I collected my urine sample in the container and with the help of a dropper, dispensed three drops on the circular space provided on the strip. The wait of 5 minutes felt like hours. It showed a single pink line indicating I’m not pregnant.

The following week, I got my periods concluding that the Prega News was indeed accurate. The label also mentioned that if it showed two pink lines, I would be pregnant. In case you get one pink line and the other line is faint, you should retake the test or see a gynaecologist. All in all, my experience using a single-use pregnancy strip was satisfactory. Since it is cheap, readily available and can be used in the comfort of my home, it becomes a go-to test. If used properly and at the correct timeline of your menstrual cycle, there is no way that this can fail you! 

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The next morning, I shared this experience with my friends and they chipped in their views. One of them suggested going for digital ones as they directly tell you if you are pregnant or not by displaying those words on the device itself. Out of curiosity, I went online and bought one digital pregnancy test kit of the brand “Clearblue” which cost me around Rs. 1000/-. This was way too pricey for me! I opened the pack and let the urine pass through the absorbent side of the device for 5 seconds. Within 2-3 minutes, the results ‘not pregnant’ were displayed. Even these are single-use and had to throw the device later. This made me wonder about the kind of waste generated by these tests.

It’s known that even digital ones can sometimes give you false positives, but how do we come to know that? Unlike a pregnancy test strip which may give you faint lines as a cue for re-test, digital ones have two options – pregnant or not. The accuracy of digital tests is as good as the non-digital ones. But the cost, the uncertainty and overall waste generation kind of discouraged me from using it henceforth. 

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Home pregnancy test kits are manufactured for the ease of women who can make an informed decision about their reproductive health from the beginning as soon as they miss their periods. If used properly, they have been accurate for years. Although, there are other reasons for delayed periods too, and even after the test you didn’t get your periods, always consult a gynaecologist! 

Early detection of pregnancy can help a person plan a pregnancy or decide to terminate it. Whatever it is, they definitely further the autonomy women get over their body and reproductive choices.

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About the Author: Vidhi Gada

She is a 4th-year law student from ILS Law College, Pune, who firmly believes the law can be used as a weapon of change in our country and thus began her journey in the field of law. Apart from trying her best to be updated with all the legislations, her interests lie in Human Rights & Intellectual Property Rights. The best way to connect with her is to suggest a song that sets her mood and also, dogs. No! Kidding, she loves all the animals! She really likes dancing, writing and making puns!

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