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Do you feel intimacy in your life?

In our daily lives, it is tough to slow down. We are running and hoping relationships will work themselves out on their own. We have no one to tell us to slow down.

A lot of us have finally figured our professional lives, we are making good money and we are happy, or we think we are happy.

Somehow our partners dont seem to think the same way? We no more know how to communicate? We are talking at each other, but who is really listening?

What is Intimacy Coaching?

At Vipasyin, we have focused on therapy centered solutions, where we help you and your partner find intimacy. We are not here only to improve your sexual life, but also intimate connections between partners. It can be taken by couples or individuals alone.

We call this an Atman. It means self, or essence of a person.

We are focussed on helping clients achieve their best selves, by looking into their own shadows and desires. We focus on 8 sessions in 6 months, hoping to chart a structure and a plan for our clients.

Each session is for an hour long call with intimacy coach. We are focussed on 8 sessions.

Cost of Intimacy Coaching

Per session is Rs 3500.

For whole package, we charge Rs 25000.

Testimonials of Clients for Intimacy Coaching :

Hi, I came across Vipasyin while searching the Internet for couples counselling and intimacy issues. Me and my partner were going through a patch where our intimacy was drifting away and we wanted to take professional help. The Vipasyin team was extremely responsive when I reached out to them. They made me feel comfortable when I was approaching them with our issues, and their response on messages was warm, welcoming and understanding. After understanding my issues, Vipasyin assigned a therapist. I have only had a couple of sessions with the therapist but these sessions were transformative for me. I felt that the therapist completely understood me and my problems. She made me comfortable so that I could open up about my intimacy issues. The therapy that I am undertaking including the homework’s suggested is really helping me inch towards resolving my problems. It’s still early, but I am extremely confident that I am in good hands and with someone who understands me, understands my problems, and who knows how to get me out of it. 
I feel extremely lucky to have stumbled upon Vipasyin.
I thank the entire team of Vipasyin and wish them the best of luck!

Rakesh, 34 years old, Delhi.

If you want an appointment, WhatsApp our carechat at +918861713567. Our counsellors will guide you!

Be ready for a 6 month focussed work on oneself, : Atman. We all need a coach, sometimes, just to guide us listen to our own voices.

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