Is abortion a sin?

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For a lot of women and people who want to get abortions, sin is a big term. People feel guilty, they are scared.

A lot of women are very very worried they are doing something bad and filled with mixed feelings.

It also does not help that there is no one out there with whom you can talk about it.

Who should they talk about abortion and the issue of sin?

There are very counsellors out there who are willing to talk about abortion, often help women about these issues. Women are very scared and often feel like doctors and counsellors judge them for this. They dont even know what sin means for them and doctors make it even more difficult for them.

At vipasyin, we have counsellors, who can provide counselling for women who want to get an abortion but are too scared to get an abortion. A lot of them dont understand the legal consequences of it, does it pain?

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Is there a religious angle to abortion?

In some of the religions like Christianity abortion is considered as something that should not be done. It is usually believed that abortion is taking away a life, since fetus is considered to be a life.

This is very different from religion like islam where abortion under certain weeks is not considered to be sin, it is considered to be okay until 5 weeks.

Therapy for abortion? Would you like to talk to someone who will make you feel less guilty?

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