Make way for a good day! Launching Doodle Pockets with Paper Planes

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Stealing moments from our boring lectures in college and meetings at work, most of us are used to drifting off into a parallel universe, with just a sheet of paper and a pen or a pencil, doodling away!  We wanted to give you an opportunity to take a break and enjoy or may be even share those moments with us.

Hidden Pockets is excited to launch our doodle segment called Doodle Pockets. Why a doodle corner?  Why approach spaces, inclusiveness, pleasures and sexuality only the straight and serious way? What’s life without a bit of humour, sass and fun? We wanted to lighten things up a little bit and make it more fun and lively. Make you sit up a little! Hidden Pockets will feature a new Paper Planes doodle every week to do just that.

We are happy to launch Doodle Pockets with Paper Planes by Rehna Abdul Kareem. In Rehna’s words, “Paper Planes are the first piece of engineering and thought that we learn. As kids, we aren’t worried about how perfect that plane is, we just want to know how well it’s going to glide. Paper Planes is exactly that.
A free fall into the world of doodling! Paper Planes aims at lifting your bad days on a daily basis, be it through mindless puns, stupid jokes, motivational lines or doodle conversations.”


As for the mind behind these doodles, Rehna says, “I’m a journalist by day. By afternoons and evenings, my alter ego, the doodler makes puns and situation doodles at Paper Planes. I am a Malayalee, gulf-returnee with an unhealthy addiction for tea. I love elephants and think they’re awesome. I am an ambivert and in my spare time, I fantasize about meeting baby elephants and orang-utans.”

Get ready to drive your bad days away with Paper Planes on Hidden Pockets, with a good laugh and most definitely some food for thought! Duh!


Rehna Abdul Kareem

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