Are period panties safe?

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Periods or Menstruation has been a regular feature in people’s life. We are still trying to figure out how to handle this situation and how can we make period experiences normal for all of us.

Period Panties : The Underwear that we like to hate.

We all have underwear that have been destroyed due to period stains. Or underwear we only wear during period time, and then don’t think about them until next month. But here we have underwears that are specifically designed to be used only for periods. They are not old panties. These are panties with special feature.

Are Period Panties safe?

Like any other menstrual health product they are meant to ease your discomfort during periods. They are made up of extra absorbing middle section that hold any blood. They might not be comfortable to every one. It really depends from person to person. They work for people with a light to medium flow, whose menstrual blood is not affected by odour released by body.

Can you wear period panties without a pad/tampon?

Period panties are supposed to be worn like a normal panties. You can wash them , dry them and wear them again. For backup you can have other products, if you have heavy flow.

Period panties can help you reuse your products, and also do your bit for environment. Culturally it still needs to be picked in India, due to the shame attached to periods in India.

We need proper sunlight for them to dry properly.

Is Period panties available in India?

Yes. Amazon and several others platforms in India provide period panties. They provide in different colour, shape and size.

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