A Space for the Diva in you.

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Red Lips, the first thing one that we notice about someone

Red Lips, the first thing that makes us uncomfortable about someone

Red Lips, the thing that makes me feel hot again

Red Lips, the taboo I dared to wear on

Red Lips, the memories that it carries on

Red Lips, the badge of a bad ass woman

Red Lips, the sign of crossing boundaries

Red Lips, the shade that no one lets me put on

Hidden Pockets is extremely excited to launch our Red Lips corner. Red Lips is all about fashion and Us. It is about the Diva in us, who is dying to step outside and perform. It is about the sensuality that lies in daily life. It is about everything that we miss out in our day to day chores. Where can I find that pleasure in looking at myself in the mirror again?

Red Lips is that space.

It is the space where divas perform their beauty, their genders, their lives, their smiles and create their own fashion. It is the place where we all acknowledge and find our own idea of beauty.

Why Red Lips, because it is always associated with something dangerous, something that is forbidden, something that good girls dont associate themselves with, it attracts attention, it is meant for the bad girls. It is one thing that sets you be free.

Photo credit: Rahul Gudipudi

Having said that, who else could have been our first  diva, but Alex Mathew, who is a performer, famously known as Maya The Drag Queen. His style and his diva presence speaks for everything that Red Lips stands for.  We are going to follow Maya unveil the diva for us. He is going to lead us in a process of making fashion accessible for everyone. If you want to have the red lips, be my girl love!


We wait for you to join us with your Red Lips!

Image: Alex performing.

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