Hi, I came across Vipasyin while searching the Internet for couples counselling and intimacy issues. Me and my partner were going through a patch where our intimacy was drifting away and we wanted to take professional help. The Vipasyin team was extremely responsive when I reached out to them. They made me feel comfortable when I was approaching them with our issues, and their response on messages was warm, welcoming and understanding. After understanding my issues, Vipasyin assigned a therapist. I have only had a couple of sessions with the therapist but these sessions were transformative for me. I felt that the therapist completely understood me and my problems. She made me comfortable so that I could open up about my intimacy issues. The therapy that I am undertaking including the homework’s suggested is really helping me inch towards resolving my problems. It’s still early, but I am extremely confident that I am in good hands and with someone who understands me, understands my problems, and who knows how to get me out of it.

I feel extremely lucky to have stumbled upon Vipasyin.

I thank the entire team of Vipasyin and wish them the best of luck!
Very Helpful Platform For Women's Sexual Health. Available Anytime. It Helped Me Alot. Before This I Was Going Through Many Problems But This Platform Guided Me Well. Thanks Alot For Your Services!
I have always to try Mirena as a contraceptive option as at 42 I don’t plan to have kids either. Most gynaecologists seemed vary of itwithout a clear logical reasoning other than “don’t fiddle with the uterus” I have been Vipasyin on insta and they had a whatsapp number to contact and book appointments with gynaecologists. The chat was extremely accessible and prompt and clear. Today I met the doc and did the 3 min procedure as well. And the whole experience was very smooth, patient docs to explain al one’s doubts and queries and a reassuring approach to finding a solution that fits. The process was also easy and while some pain and bleeding after, nothing to write home about. Thanks so much for making this not only possible, but such an easy and pleasant experience.
Shahana Hameed
It was truly a blessing to find these people idk who they are and what they do but they were by my side all along this journey. Luckily i got off the bomb still they gave me moral support and emotional support whenever i needed not like an outsider but like a true frnd. I'm so grateful and thanks a lot. Love what you are doing
It was a huge relief and i could reach out to the doctor very fast because of you.
Thank you!...
Very friendly coordinators and helped me at the exact time when needed. Thank you so much
A 24 year old female who had a fear on unplanned pregnancy and great fear on termination of that pregnancy in a gynaec clinic because the stories she heard and few gynaec she met was so judgmental before they understand the situation .while surfing found Vipasyin ♥️And they are the saviour where I cannot share what i am going through expect with my partner there comes my counsellor .she was much patient especially non judgemental .she was there all the time and helped me in each and every step .I am so glad that INDIA got a platform like Vipasyin and I'll make sure that all the females should know about this women's sexual health platform .They can do any help for their clients. I was fearfree when I feel that these people will help me and that’s the great support that fellow people need .YOU ARE DOING A GREAT WORK AND KEEP DOING ♥️♥️♥️ Much love you my counsellor ♥️
Just wanted to share a quick note and want you guys to know that you guys are doing amazing job.
The support we got from Vipasyin team especially Radhika maam was so ossum. The period got delayed so we were tensed, but they gave us strengh to come through this, and luckily got period, so we were relieved. They are a great team.
Trust worthy and 100% sure results for ur problems..
Karthi Balaji
I love how this website responds to question without delay, rather with care and formality. You are the best. I Love you all....
I'm happy to say I got my query solved and cleared
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