Hidden pockets you guys are doing great job....thanks for the Guidance when I'm very afraid and don't know what to do...the hidden pockets find a way for me again,...

Hidden pockets is a safe space for all young women. It's so important for sexually active girls to be able to take care of their health without any shame. We need more services like you in this country. Thank you.

Your team is doing amazing job, this thing was so much that every human being needs in his/her life when he/she cannot visit a doctor due to any reason. All the best.
Hidden pockets should be something publicized to all young women, and old, who are confused about their bodies. India's sex ed is abysmal, and this is genuinely good and caring information they are spreading. Thank you.
I was really worried that I hadn't got my periods, thinking I might be pregnant. I knew Hidden pockets would be the safest and most reliable at this time and it was excatly where I ran to and the first thing that also came in my mind. I got much more support than I expected and accurate as well . Would definitely recommend to not only teenagers but anyone and everyone who wants a little support and who is confused like me . ♥️
Someone who admires this page! ♥️
Most of the people in india dont hav the knowledge.. Regarding the laws and rights available for citizens...eventually falling in to problms or getting scammed "HIDDEN POCKETS"...such a good initiative to help people who dont hav any idea about their rights... I hope its toughts reach each and every corner in india.. Yes with the help of HIDDEN POCKETS i hav solved a major issue in my life.. Thank you 🙏
You guys are doing a great job listening to the concerns and worries regarding sexual and mental health and responsibly responding to them. I see a trustworthy, knowledgeable friend in you. Thank you Hidden Pockets.
Thanks for providing  proper guidance to the youth and couples .
Really loved the way you interact. You really helped me out. Kudos!
Hidden Pockets are doing a great job. They are working for something which not spoken anywhere.
I really appreciate that people like you are really helping women.. After my experiences with police and people around me i lost faith in police and people.. With people like you hope is still alive in me.. That there are people who really serve helping hands. Thank you..
Hidden pockets is a wonderful effort and initiative to support women in providing them with vital information during the time of need and going an extra mile to even gather details that will help create access to alot of health services. Thank you hidden pockets. Loved speaking with the friendly patient and supportive team who answered all my questions with ease
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