Thanks for providing  proper guidance to the youth and couples .
Really loved the way you interact. You really helped me out. Kudos!
Hidden Pockets are doing a great job. They are working for something which not spoken anywhere.
I really appreciate that people like you are really helping women.. After my experiences with police and people around me i lost faith in police and people.. With people like you hope is still alive in me.. That there are people who really serve helping hands. Thank you..
Hidden pockets is a wonderful effort and initiative to support women in providing them with vital information during the time of need and going an extra mile to even gather details that will help create access to alot of health services. Thank you hidden pockets. Loved speaking with the friendly patient and supportive team who answered all my questions with ease
Really loved their service and way of dealing with people. Very honest advices..
Shree. M
In a conservative society like India, what these guys do is really a ray of hope for young couples.
I was in panic mode when my period was late and they helped me keep calm and answered all the questions I had. Thank you!!
Thanks to hidden pockets for your help.. It was great hospitality and good Co operation ..its a hassle free getting best service ..thank u team.
They are very good! I texted them regarding my periods and they were so helpful. They were supporting, and also gave me the best advice for which I was afraid to visit a doctor. They are asked if I'm doing okay after a few days!
Very good guidance at crucial situation. They do counseling till recovering to normal. Nice team and good service.

Grounds-up work concerning sexual and reproductive health, especially with the youth. The team is unafraid to explore all propagation forms, be it text, audio, meetings, workshops, and more, to reach the most vulnerable persons and persons in need of information.

Shruti Sharada
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