Where can I get an Abortion in Bangalore?

Best Abortion Clinics in Bangalore

People find it difficult find abortion clinics in Bangalore. There are doctors but most of the doctors are not kind and they are usually judgmental.

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Namma young people staying in Bangalore!!!! We often hear stories of young women finding it difficult get any services related to abortion. Doctors often refused to help young women especially if they are single women.

Have you ever heard of these clinics which can provide you safe abortion?
And why should you know about them?

These clinics in India envisage sexual and reproductive health for all as a human right, including gender equality leading to alleviation of poverty, population stabilization and sustainable development.

So where do you go if you are looking for Sexual and reproductive health aid in Bangalore?

Where can I find Abortion Clinic in bangalore?

Nowhere? For those who are still struggling, for those who are suffering cause they don’t know where to go, for those who have suffered a lot because of judgmental comments by the service provider, let me tell you these clinics can help you in Bangalore. A place where you wont be judged. A place where you would feel safe, a place where proper guidance and counselling would be given for sexual and reproductive health.

So what is the procedure followed by these abortion clinics

  • The person is sent to the counselor where the counselor discusses what all happened and what can be done. Privacy is given utmost importance.
  • Then the person is provided with consultation. It is checked whether the person is on her first trimester or second. Then she is provided with proper guidance on what she is required to do.
  • During the medication, if the person is asked to take abortion pill, she is provided with proper guidelines on how to consume them. And if minor operation is required the she is guided accordingly.
  • One week later a follow up is done, where the person is asked to come back. This is done so as to check whether the pregnancy is completely terminated and the
    person is safe.

Apart from MTP, these clinics also does HIV testing, Cervical cancer test (compulsory for women above 30 years), Vasectomy, tubectomy and test for breast cancer.
The tests are done after the consent of the patient only. All the tests are done in the Laboratory.

Privacy and confidentiality is the most important aspect for us.  Let it be a married women or unmarried women, the information of the patient is kept highly confidential. Nobody asks the patient uncomfortable questions like are you married or not? Where is the husband?

Legal things to remember while visiting Abortion Clinic in Bangalore:

If you want an abortion, you are not doing anything illegal. It is totally legal under the MTP  (Medical Termination of Pregnancy) Act of 1971.

Under the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act 1971, any woman can get an abortion within 20 weeks of her pregnancy under the following circumstances:

  1. If the continuation of the pregnancy would be a risk to the physical or mental health and well being of a woman
  2. If the foetus shows an abnormality in the scan and tests, and thus confirms that if it is born it would be severely handicapped.

[Often, many women are not sure about the time duration of the pregnancy, as in they cannot say for sure, in which week of pregnancy they are in. Thus they are not able to make the right decision about which method of abortion is suited for them. There are different abortions for different weeks of pregnancy. You can chat with us on our Whatsapp Careline and we can help you assess in which week of pregnancy you are in and what are the options you have for abortion: header wp icon ]

For Abortion Clinic in Bangalore, these are some of the basic things you need to keep in mind:

For the first 8 weeks a woman can have a medical abortion

  • In a medical abortion, you will be given certain medications to terminate the pregnancy.
  • The pill is extremely effective in 95% of cases. Taking the pill after 8 weeks of pregnancy can lead to an incomplete abortion.
  • It is always important to follow up with your doctor when you develop complications following an abortion using medical abortion pills

After 8 weeks the safest method to get an abortion is by having a surgical abortion

  • Up to 12 weeks, the preferred method is Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA). This is a minor surgical procedure and does not require any overnight hospitalization. You can return home the same day after the procedure.
  • Beyond 12 weeks, the surgical procedure might require you to be hospitalized overnight.

Abortion Cost in Bangalore  

Not all doctors are allowed to do an abortion. Under the MTP Act, only a Registered Medical Practioner is allowed to give an abortion. These are doctors who have undergone training to give an abortion. Also, not all hospitals and clinics are permitted to give abortions. Only those hospitals and clinics (government or private) which are registered as Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) centres can give an abortion. The cost for abortion varies from doctor to doctor in various private hospitals and clinics.

Getting psychological support while seeking an abortion

Getting an abortion can be an extremely challenging time for any woman, hence it is important for women to not only seek safe, legal abortion from a qualified doctor but also seek support for emotional health and well being.

What does Vipasyin offer to young clients?

  • We will connect you with a good doctor who will not judge you for wanting an abortion or that you are unmarried.
  • We will ensure that you have all your documents ready before you go to a doctor.
  • We will help you assess your health conditions.
  • We will provide constant guidance with regard to the needed tests, medicines.
  • Our team of counsellors will provide you real time support for pre abortion as well as  post abortion.
  • We will help you make the best decisions that take into consideration your circumstances.

[You would like to connect now? Click on this Whatsapp chat button now to talk to our Careline counsellor: header wp icon ]

Post-abortion care is important

Once the abortion is done, many women think the ordeal is over and thus there is no necessity to go back to the doctor. Even if the doctor has recommended coming back after a few days, many women opt out of going back to the doctor, thinking there is nothing more to abortion, now that it is all done. However, this is not a healthy choice. There are reasons why your doctor has asked you to come back after a few days. Post-abortion care can avoid a lot of complications for you.

To know more read: Post Abortion Care: 5 Things You should Know

[Vipasyin ensures that you are taken care of and supported after your abortion. We take post-abortion very seriously and we want you to have a speedy recovery. We are just one click away: header wp icon ]

If you want to know more about our work from the people who have received our services, you can read the testimonials.

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  1. Hi could you please help me here, my question is if you forget to take contraceptive pill within 48hrs due to some reason and take it after 48 what are your chance of getting pregnant? Also when is the right time to go and meet doctor if you feel afraid for the mistake you did in previous question.

    1. Dear,

      If you have forgotten to use the contraceptive pill, you can wait till your next period dates, and try meeting a doctor within 12 weeks of the sexual act. Not every act results in pregnancy. Doctors can help you better, have a look at your body and let you know which would be the best method suited for the body so that you can make a rational decision. Don’t worry, things would be fine 🙂

  2. I got involved in grinding with my partner. It was my 12th day. My cycle is usually of 28 days. Maybe a little amount of pre cum had come in contact with my genitalia. I have taken i pill within 24 hours. What are the chances that I will get pregnant?

  3. I got involved in grinding with my partner. It was my 12th day. My cycle is usually of 28 days. Maybe a little amount of pre cum had come in contact with my genitalia. I have taken i pill within 24 hours. What are the chances that I will get pregnant?

    1. Hi
      Me and my Girl friend had intercourse 8 weeks back, we used the protection, we were very cautious about everything but just yesterday my girlfriend told me that she is having mood swings and heavy food cravings, her period was never missed nor it was delayed, it was always on time, do you think she’s pregnant?

  4. I have one question pls help me here! If a person who is going through 13th week missed periods after sexual act, what can be the solution for abortion? Pls suggest

    1. I had unprotected sex with my partner….stil v r working…so v decided to abort I have 1mnth …plz rply me

  5. I had unprotected sex with a girl over 10 days ago but did not ejaculate inside her. She is 4 days late for her period. How high are the chances of pregnancy and how can we get an abortion if she is pregnant?

  6. My partner and I had intercourse and she has missed her periods for 5 days. She has stomach pain, nauseous. Google says positive for pregnancy. Can you suggest me some descret clinic with highest privacy and confidentiality. Thanks

    1. Me & My partner had sex by using condom but may be the Condom failed & while i was ejaculating I felt it & removed my penis from her vagina still some of my cum We think was on the top of her Vagina.She took a i-pill after 3 hours of sex..So what are the chances that she would get pregnant? & Also after how many days we can test for the pregnancy to know she is pregnant or not?

  7. I’m 18 years and 5 months old, I think I might be pregnant, will FPAI be able to perform an adoption with complete confidentiality?

      1. Hi.. I’m 18years and 7 months old n I had sex with my partner… am fearing that I might get pregnant though we used protection… will FPAI perform an abortion with complete confidentiality?

  8. My girl has missed her period and she’s 20 years old. We literally did not have sex but the precum might have entered somehow.. can abortion be done secretly without anyone knowing (even the parents) and how much would it cost please help us out will FPAI help us with it

  9. We had unprotected sex but didnt ejaculate inside…took unwanted 72 within 20hrs… she got her periods 11days early with slightly more bleeding than usual…suggest me what we should go through…and what are the chances of getting pregnant…

    1. My girl has missed her period and she’s 20 years old. We literally did not have sex but the precum might have entered somehow.. can abortion be done secretly without anyone knowing (even the parents) and how much would it cost please help us out will FPAI help us with it

  10. Hi. I had unprotected intercourse with my girlfriend and ejaculated inside her. She took Unwanted 72 within 12 hours. She has missed her period by 2 days and she vomited once. I’d like to know if there’s any chance that my girlfriend is pregnant. Thanks.

  11. Now My girl friend 3 1/2 months pregnet.we want to get abort now.we want appointment tommorow.pls confirm as soon as possible

  12. Hi.. I had unprotected intercourse with my girlfriend but ejaculated outside. After that in a 1st month period cycle she is facing delay in period.. now it’s 4th day but still she is not getting. I need to know whether she is getting pregnant. If yes then we need to abort that one coz still we are not married. Can u suggest me good and safest solution.

  13. We are unmarried couple and she’s pregnant now and on 13th week. We were searching for safe abortion till now and no doctors were ready to help us. How can we get your service now. Though we are from Kerala we are ready to come to Bangalore.

  14. My friend was on 19th day of her periodic cycle,which is of 30 days. While playing around with her boyfriend, the condom broke off and the penis touched her genetals (it was initial stage and she is still a virgin) …will she get pregnant?

  15. I had unprotected sex 5 weeks ago and my bf didn’t ejaculate in or near me. But still I took an i-pill within 20 hours after which I got spotting for a day 2 days later and then my normal periods 2 days after the spotting occured. But this week I missed my usual periods and it has been 5 days already since my period was due. Am I pregnant? I have taken a pregnancy test every week for the past 5 weeks and even two tests this week. And they all show negative.

  16. Me and my partner had protected sex, but the condom slipped off unknowingly. Later, I took a contraceptive pill within 24 hours, but my periods are not happening and it’s past 4 days. Am I pregnant?!

  17. My periods is late by 6 days after i had sex with my boyfriend. Is there a chance that my periods will be late or will it not happen ever?

      1. My girlfriend has got her period two days early than expected(23 days from last mensutrual cycle) it was five days of bleeding first day it was less flow gradually it started to fill her pads by end is started dropping gradually and she’s 18 years old. We literally did not have sex but the precum might have entered somehow..
        can she be pregnant ?
        can abortion be done secretly without anyone knowing (even the parents) and how much would it cost please help us out will FPAI help us with it

  18. Where is the exact location of FPAI? Also, how much would the abortion+consultation cost? Can a single woman get it done secretly without anyone knowing (even the parents)

  19. Hi i am 11days late and had unprotected sex during my last period thought it was safe so didnt take any pills can you please guide me with it i am doubting that i might be pregnant but i am not ready for it so can you please tell me the consultation charges and abortion charges too

  20. I had unprotectet sex with my patner on nov 16. After 13 days i had my periods as usual 4-5 days. But my 2nd period is not started yet its 8days late for 2nd period. I am worried. Should i have to visit doctor.

  21. I had unprotected sex with my partner….stil v r working…so v decided to abort I have 1mnth …plz rply me

  22. I had unprotected sex with my girl over 12 days ago but did not ejaculate inside her I guess. And gave her unwanted 72 pill after 6 days . Now she is a week late for her period. How high are the chances of pregnancy and how can we get an abortion if she is pregnant? And we are unmarried.

      1. Me and my partner had unprotected intercourse it’s been 3 weeks now but haven’t ejaculated inside.
        She has spotted light bleeding for 1-2 days. Her periods are 10 days later.
        We are confused if it’s periods or pregnancy.
        We are ready for a baby or take chances. Want to confirm if there is chance of pregnancy and what to do next to avoid it.

  23. I had unprotected sex with my girlfriend today what I want to do I dont want bby please suggest me right thing

  24. I had a protected sex but my period is 18 days late.i took home pregnancy test it came negative.but still I’m scared,is there any chance for me to get pregnant.how can i confirm my pregnancy

  25. My Girlfriend is 18 years old.
    My Sperm has not entered into her Vagina.
    But still she feels the symptoms of pregnancy.
    Is there any possibilities to do abortion???

  26. While having pleasure time with my gf, we used protection or took care i dont ejaculate inside her. But now she is 6 days late on her periods. The pregnancy test came negative. What should we do? Please advice
    N if she is pregnant, we want to abort it. Please help and tell us the procedure.

  27. I am 21 years , currently i am conceived n my pregnancy test is positive I am wishing to abort my pregnancy I heard this is the safe way of getting abortion so I need ur help ….

  28. Hi, Me and my wife had a sex 6 weeks ago and she missed her periods it is up to 50 days now. still she didn’t get her periods.we think she is pregnant and we decided to get abortion due to some personal reasons. What is the procedure and i am not with her right now living far away from her, can the abortion done without my presence?? What we need to do with this??

  29. Me and my partner had sex on 7/3
    And she also used ipill in the morning ,she had her periods after 5days
    She had her periods on 13/3
    She thinks she is pregnant
    But last month she had her periods for 3 days
    And everytime she has a delayed periods. What do u suggest
    Can u perform abortion if in case it’s true
    We r still studying and we have no plan of having a child
    Please it’s should be confidential please

  30. hey , my girlfriend is mostly pregnant and we had sex just 2 1/2 weeks ago will pills help in the abortion or we need to contact a gyno??

  31. Me and my boyfriend had Intercourse and he took.out his p before he cums. What is the possibility of me getting pregnant? Suggest me some food items to stop …

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