Women’s Health and The City

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When was the last time you ventured out in your city looking for health services? Where do you go? Whom do you talk to? Do you think your city reflect your tensions and worries?

Hidden-Pockets and KrantiKālī invite you to “Women’s Health And The City”. Come join us and let us seek answers for these questions. Come, share your stories with us.

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Who is this event for?
Young Women (Health Seekers) : We want their personal stories, stories related to how do they navigate their city, are they comfortable navigating the city. Have they ever visited public health centres? Are they comfortable navigating public health hospitals? Any personal experience on accessing public healthcare services. Why was it good or bad?

Young Men : It would be awesome to have 1-2 men on the panel who can talk about their experiences. If they have any personal stories where they faced problems while meeting the doctors along with their partners.

You can even participate as:
Speakers: So we are looking for 3 kinds of speakers – Health seeker (women), Health service providers and men (their experiences)

Health service provider: Personal stories on how is it to interact with women who visit the clinic. Do single women come? What are the major reasons for them to come to the clinic. Basically the experience of the doctor.

Poets: Poems on women navigating city (Feelings she goes throw),
Seeing the city from a woman’s eye
A woman’s relationship with her body
Anything that connects woman, her body, her health and city

Cost: Free

Age: 18 and above

Gender: Any

For further details and clarifications please feel free to send in a fb message.

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