Young Feminists Meet Ups – Lodhi Garden

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This time around we decided to walk our talks and collaborated with Reclaim the Nights, Delhi Chapter. Young Feminists met in the Lodhi Garden and decided to try a new mode of talking and experiencing the city; we walked and explored and shared our experiences with each. Some of us were not really feminists, some of us were first time walkers, some of us were not from the city and some of us felt that city looked different at night.


We all walked this time








We discussed about nights in Delhi, our experiences of walking in Delhi at night. It is more difficult to walk and talk, and that too about experiences that can differ from person to person. We even added a slice of poetry, as Shreya would call it: the Circle of Poetry.

It is difficult to measure safety when we walk in groups, it is difficult to measure safety when we talk about it. We have to walk it, experience it, and maybe think about it, Do we all have our own safeguards and biases?

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