101 Q dates: A project to talk about LGBTQIA+ lives

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The Pride month may have come to an end but the LGBTQIA+ community continues to strive forward with pride. One such endeavour has been initiated by Dolly Koshy, a social activist from Bangalore, who plans to go on 101 dates with different people from the LGBTQIA+ community. All 101 Q dates will be blogged. The aim of these 101 dates is LGBTQIA+ sensitisation more than finding a partner.  “In the process of going on these dates, if Dolly finds a partner, she will be happy. If she doesn’t, she will be ok,” says her blog. Being Bangalore based, Koshy is starting off with people from Bangalore and intends to also go on dates with people in other cities when she visits other cities. For a start, she has put together a list of sixty-one different (rather romantic) activities listed on her blog that she would like to do with her different dates including fishing, snuggle in a hammock, go out for breakfast, go on a trek together, movie marathon at home, go birdwatching, bake together, visit a vineyard, go for a movie, attend a concert, among others. (With such a long happy list of romantic date ideas, who wouldn’t want to go on a date with her?)

That said, it could be useful to know Dolly Koshy’s idea of an ideal partner before knocking on her door for a date. According to Koshy, her ideal partner is someone who is intelligent and compassionate with a great sense of humour. Apart from having physical, emotional and political compatibility, the person should be someone with whom she could have a conversation. As for LGBTQIA+ sensitisation, she says that she would try to go on dates with people with different identity, expression and sexuality. Each blog will talk about a specific issue or topic related to the community depending on the gender and sexual identity of the people that she goes on a date with. Through this initiative, Koshy intends to highlight other topics such as body image, asexuality, disability, polyamory, BDSM etc in addition to the regular LGBTIQ+ topics.

This project also extends the opportunity for different businesses to come out as being LGBTQIA+ friendly by sponsoring the dates that Dolly goes on. An Individual or business sponsoring a date, will be coming out to the world as an ally.

Want to go on a date with Dolly Koshy or wish to sponsor one of her dates?

Editor’s Note: It is important to capture human emotions like love, joy, fear, sadness, compassion, happiness with LGBTQIA+ lives and share them with the world because they are as human as the rest of us. They love, ache, experience pain and sense joy like the rest of us. Why differentiate them from the rest of us? Being an ally to the LGBTQIA+ community, Hidden Pockets is putting its best foot forward and partnering with 101 Q Dates. We are in solidarity with Koshy in her effort to talk about LGBTQIA+ lives. Are you?

Get ready to follow Dolly Koshy and her 101 Dates on Hidden Pockets every week.

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