Abortion by Pills. Do You Need a Prescription?


Abortion pills in India is a Schedule H drug. A Schedule H drug is categorization by the Drugs and Cosmetics Act (a law), wherein to get such a drug you need a prescription from a qualified doctor. 


All pharmacies do not stock up on every Schedule H drug. For abortion pills, pharmacies have to maintain a registry of sales that will be routinely reviewed by the health authorities and many pharmacies opt out of stocking the pills and selling them. 

Pharmacies cannot sell a Schedule H drug (in this case the abortion pills) without the prescription of a doctor. If they do, it is against the law. However, there are many pharmacies that do sell abortion pills without a prescription. Some of these pharmacists brief you on how to use abortion pills and some do not. Most of such pharmacists in fact overprice the abortion pills when they sell them to you without a prescription.

[If you have recently discovered that you are pregnant and clueless where to get help to terminate your unplanned pregnancy, please do not approach a pharmacy as a shortcut route to avoid doctors. There is nothing to be ashamed for wanting an abortion. Of course, not all doctors understand that. But we know doctors who understand and who are affordable. If you need help to get an abortion, click on the Whatsapp chat button now: header wp icon ]

Taking abortion pills without medical advice:

Abortion is a time-sensitive matter. In India, to terminate a pregnancy when you are under 7 weeks of pregnancy, abortion pills are recommended (in many countries the weeks differ, ranging up to 11 weeks). Depending on the case, some doctors in India do give abortion pills even when you are above 7 weeks. 

Even under the 7 weeks, it is always advised that you take the abortion pill, under the guidance and support of a doctor. Different bodies react differently to abortion pills. Some will have profuse bleeding in the days after taking the pills, while others will have intense cramps and many can have both. The important thing is you have a doctor who can give medical advice through your abortion procedure such that you know your body is responding right to the abortion pills and that you are not risking anything. 

When you take pills bought from pharmacies without a prescription, you are putting yourself at risk because most pharmacists in India are not trained to guide you through the abortion, especially in cases where complications can develop. 

[If you have already bought abortion pills from a pharmacist, we advise you to not take it yet. The pharmacist who is not adequately trained can give you wrong information about the dosage. You can develop complications if you take abortion pills incorrectly. We can help and support you. We know doctors who are non judgemental, caring and trustworthy. We can guide you to meet them. Talk to us now by clicking on the Whatsapp button: header wp icon ]

Ultrasound scans:

If you have made the decision to consult a doctor and get the abortion pills, many doctors will recommend some tests and ultrasound scans. An ultrasound scan is done so that doctors can rule out any abnormal pregnancy such as ectopic pregnancy. An ectopic pregnancy happens when the fertilized egg (a sperm combines with an egg to form the fertilized egg and this later forms an embryo. It is the embryo that grows to become the foetus) instead of growing inside the uterus, grows outside the uterus. If you have such an abnormal pregnancy, then abortion using pills is not recommended for you. 

However, not all doctors perform ultrasound scans. Many are of the opinion that ectopic pregnancies are not frequent and thus there is no need for ultrasound scans. However, they guide and supervise your abortion after giving you the pills such that in case of any unusual developments they can intervene and help you. 

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