Do you need a prescription for birth control pills?

birth control pills

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The birth control pill is one of the most reliable methods of contraception. Chances of getting pregnant are very minimal if you use the birth control pill correctly.

Unlike Emergency Contraceptive Pills (ECPs) such as I Pill, the birth control pills are not an OTC (Over The Counter Drug). What this means is that you will need a doctor’s prescription to get the birth control pills.

Needing a doctor to get birth control pills does not imply that these pills are dangerous. A doctor is brought in to the picture because not all birth control pills are for everyone. 

[Just because ECP is an Over-The-Counter drug, doesn’t mean anyone and everyone can use it. If you have pre-existing medical conditions, you must consult a doctor to get advice on using ECP. You can talk to us and we will ensure that you get help from a doctor who understands your position. Click on this Whatsapp chat button: header wp icon  ]

What happens at the doctor’s office?

A doctor will take your medical history. Your medical history is basically a short description of your past diseases, allergies etc. Doctors will ask you relevant questions and you need to answer them honestly. Never cover up anything when it comes to answering your doctor. Even if it’s embarrassing for you to talk openly to your doctors, they need to have the information because it helps them to come to an informed decision about the medications that they need to give you. 

If you have had blood pressure issues in the past, the doctor will have your blood pressure checked. Sometimes, if it’s needed, the doctor will also recommend additional examinations/ tests, especially if you have conditions such as Diabetes, Hepatitis (a disease that affects the liver), etc

If you have had any of the following, in all likelihood the doctor will advise you against using the birth control pills:

  • Untreated hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • Severe Diabetes
  • Breast Cancer
  • Abnormal vaginal bleeding
  • Diseases of the liver that has affected your liver functioning
  • Any health condition that directly affected the heart
  • Any health condition that caused blood clots in your organs and veins
  • Severe migraine attacks that have caused you to see a flash of lights etc

Also, if you are above 35 years of age and a smoker, your doctor will not recommend the widely used COCPs (Combined Oral Contraception Pills). Instead of COCPs, you will be given POPs (Progestin Only Pills).

To know more about the types of birth control pills read: Are Pills and Birth Control Pills the same?

[Are you new to this “whole birth control” feat? Clueless about everything about birth control? Talk to us now and we can guide you to choose birth controls that suit your age and needs. Our trusted doctors will help you get birth control without you being judged or shamed. We all respect that you are making responsible decisions about your sexual & reproductive health. Talk to us now by clicking on this Whatsapp chat button: header wp icon  ]

ECPs are not the substitute for birth control pills:

ECPs (Emergency Contraceptive Pills) are far more popular than birth control pills amongst the youth. There is a larger ad campaign too for ECPs compared to the birth control pills. 

Since ECPs do not require a prescription and are easily available from pharmacies, health and wellness stores etc, many youth end up choosing ECPs. What is problematic is the frequent usage of the ECPs.

ECPs, just as the name indicates are to be used only for emergency purposes. This means the frequency of taking ECPs should be very low.

Unlike birth control pills, the ECPs have a very high concentration of hormones. A single pill of ECP has more than 50 times the concentration of hormones present in one birth control pill. So when you are using the ECPs very often, you are exposing your body to a large amount of hormones. This can have short-term, as well as long-term consequences for your body. 

[Pregnancies are not always happy news for everyone. For many, pregnancies are unplanned. It is perfectly normal to seek medical help to end a pregnancy you are not prepared for. However, you need to find good doctors who are kind, nonjudgmental and affordable. We know many doctors and hospitals that can help you. Click on the Whatsapp chat button now: header wp icon ]

Do doctors refuse to give you the prescription for birth control pills if you are unmarried?

When compared to the judgemental attitude many doctors have towards giving abortions to unmarried women, it is far smoother for unmarried women to get birth control pills from doctors. Many doctors have resistance to give an abortion. But the very same doctors are okay to prescribe birth control pills. As unfair as it sounds, that is the reality that exists in India now. 

You can get birth control pills from your doctor even if you are unmarried. There are doctors who support contraception irrespective of your marital status. 

[If you have any other questions or doubts about periods, pregnancy, abortion, or your sexuality, please talk to us. We will immediately help you. Talk to us by clicking on this Whatsapp chat button: header wp icon ]

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