Does India Need Sex Therapy?

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India takes pride in what it offers to the world- a treasure trove for varying cultures, arts, and riches and the terminus to spirituality. And among the many contributions to culture its citizens boast of, the Kama Sutra takes an invaluable space. 

A Hindu treatise on eroticism, sexuality, and the fulfillment of love and life, Vatsyayana’s Kama Sutra is deemed to have been composed between 400 BCE to 300 BCE, making it one of the first to deal with the subject. The ancient book has never lost its relevance and is studied to date. What then has possibly resulted in the decline of the Indian society in welcoming and discussing sex and sexuality freely? 

While we can rightfully blame the unbending British reign and the rise of Brahmanical hegemony, the poor state of the country in dealing with sex does not change. In the twenty-first century, India still manages to keep marital rape legal and child brides a reality.

In the article, we explore India’s rigid relationship with sex within the setting of society, couples and individuals, and introduce sex therapy as one of the effective solutions.

What is sex therapy?

Sex therapy or counseling refers to a psychotherapeutic approach to treating sex fears, poor libido(sex drive), sexual dissatisfaction, sexual dysfunctions, compulsive sexual behavior, etc., within couples or individuals or gaining more understanding of one’s own sexuality. Depending on the nature of your particular condition, the practitioners may also suggest medical approaches. 

Sex therapy generally has a bad reputation due to limited information available and poor representation in the media. However, it is a lawful professional practice that offers utmost confidentiality. Much like talking therapies, there will not be any physical contact between you and your therapist. Sex therapy offers a safe space where you (and your partner) can talk about your difficulties with sex and intimacy. It assists you in addressing the sources of your struggles, be it physical or psychological, and helps you tackle them.

Sex therapy in India

Therapy or counseling as a means to improving one’s mental health is unknown and/or stigmatized in many parts of the world, let alone sex therapy. And it has been observed that one’s mental health impacts their sex life and vice versa. In India, both sex and mental health are still taboos, making those who genuinely want to seek help sometimes vulnerable to charlatans, who do more damage than good. Adding to the problem is rigid patriarchy, leading to women seeking less support and help from sex clinics than men.

It is crucial that you look for mental health and/or medical practitioners who are trained and certified to provide sex therapy and guidance. Hidden Pockets ensures that you receive the service of the most reliable, safe, and non-judgemental professionals in tackling your difficulties in sex life. Click here to chat with us.

When should you seek sex therapy?

Have you been noticing any indifference in your bedroom lately? Do you find it hard to connect to your partner on a sexual and intimate level? Have you always struggled to achieve orgasm or being focused during sex? Do you suspect having any sexual dysfunction? Well, for all these issues and more difficulties you face concerning sex and intimacy, sex therapy might be a good starting point for you. 

Sex is an intrinsic part of life for many. One’s sexuality and sexual habits often reflect the way one navigates their life. As a society, however, we do not stress on this factor enough. People, especially adolescents, can imitate poor representation of sexual acts on mainstream Indian media, developing them to form wrong ideas about sex, consent, and sexual boundaries. Add this to early access to porn and the lack of sex education, and we create an ill-informed generation. 

It is imperative that as an adult, you consciously seek the right information and help you need if you think you haven’t been subjected to healthy resources on sex. Sex therapy often works wonders for those struggling to navigate themselves in their sex life. As Cindy Gallop (founder of, a social sextech platform designed to promote good sexual behavior and good sexual values) says

Because we as a society don’t talk about sex, we default it to an act, to a thing we do. It’s not. Sex is personality. Sex is a fundamental part of our humanity. It’s a fundamental part of how we feel about ourselves, how we feel about other people; our relationships, our lives, our happiness.

Nobody ever brings us up to behave well in bed. But they should. Because there empathy, sensitivity, generosity, kindness, honesty are as important as they are in every other of our lives and our work where we are actively taught to exercise those values.

If you think you need sex therapy, you can talk to us, and we will ensure that you get help from a doctor who understands your position. Click on this WhatsApp chat button to chat with our counselors.

Despite being a highly populous country with a need and demand for better mental and sexual healthcare, Indian society is not ready yet to address the elephant in the room- taboos that are uncalled for. We as a community must take actions to normalize seeking sex therapy and start conversations to understand the difficulties we sometimes face concerning sex and intimacy. It not only will facilitate us with a sensitive and healthy approach to viewing sex but also for generations to come.

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