Is incomplete abortion possible?

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Incomplete abortion happens. Yes! you heard it. In some rare cases, people are unable to complete an abortion and it is incomplete.

What does it mean to have incomplete abortion?

Incomplete abortion is when the material from the body is not completely removed. When we are trying to get an abortion, we are trying to remove some physical elements from our body. When this physical element is not completely removed, and there are some remains left inside the body, it is considered to be incomplete.

How would you know if it’s incomplete abortion?

It is always a best practise to get an ultrasound after an abortion process, especially if its a medical process. Often, it helps for the doctors to see after getting an ultrasound that the uterus is empty with no foreign elements inside.

In most of the cases, while the body is pushing out the foreign elements, there would be pain and cramp like feeling for most of the people. When all the elements are pushed out, body goes back to not experiencing any pain.

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