How painful is medical abortion?

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Pain is often the first thing that comes into our mind, when we think about taking any kind of medicines. Abortion pills are no different at all, when we think of tablets. A lot of us just are very scared of it.

So here we are trying to explain and help you understand how painful is the medical abortion.

Is abortion pain like labour pain?

A lot of our clients out of fear ask us this question, and we just want to answer you clearly, it is not painful like labour pain. In labour pain you are actually delivering a fully developed baby. Abortion is very different process. In most of the cases, one of the pills prevents the pregnancy from further growing, and other pill just help to remove the particles from the uterus. For what really happens while taking a pill, please do check out more detailed article.

How long does the pain last after an abortion?

Once you have taken the pills, the body will take time to first stop the pregnancy and secondly to slowly move out the particles. In a normal duration, it can last upto 48 hours. That is why we always suggested our clients to take good rest and if possible reduce your movement , so that even if you experience cramps, you are able to rest well. If the pain still lasts, and you are unable to do normal things, it is very important that you contact nearest doctor.

We do have doctors in a lot of cities, if you want us to connect with our gynaecologists, do whastapp our carechat service.

How to reduce the abortion pain?

In a lot of cases, clients are suggested to rest with hotel water bag. In most of the cases clients need to rest. In some cases clients experience some serious cramps like the ones they experience during their menstrual period.

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