Second Trimester Abortion – Termination of Pregnancy after 12 weeks

Second trimester abortion

Will anyone assist me in my second trimester abortion? This is a question we have heard so many times on vipasyin carechat. People are confused, people are not sure, if this can be terminated. There is no clarity around it. So in this article, we will focus on second trimester and abortion methods around it.

Please dont panic if you get to know you are pregnant. It is very important that you remain calm and make decisions with sound mind.

When is abortion allowed?

Second Trimester Abortion in India refers to pregnancy cases which are more than 12 weeks and above. In India it is legal to get it terminated till 24 weeks. By 16th week, the pregnancy has grown and it can no more be terminated via pills. These pregnancies cant be terminated via using abortion pills.

A lot of doctors can assist for termination of such cases, if for some reason the woman decides that they are unable to continue with a pregnancy. This method is simple and considered the safest and most convenient way to end an early pregnancy

Can I get Second trimester abortion post 16 weeks in India?

Yes, in India doctors are willing to terminate till 20 weeks. Now, with the latest Supreme Court judgment, doctors can assist in termination of abortion till 24 weeks in India. One does not have to worry or panic, it is safe and completely legal.

What is the procedure for this?

You will be given the medicine Misoprostol to help the cervix to dilate. Some doctors give this medicine the day before the procedure, while some give it a few hours before the procedure. Having this medicine will soften your cervix and it will start opening up gradually. Thus by the time the procedure has to happen your cervix will be dilated to a good length. 

 Usually, general anesthesia (wherein you become unconscious) is not used for Dilation & Curettage ( D&C).

What is the maximum dose of misoprostol for second trimester abortion

During D&C two misoprostol tablets approximately 30 minutes before the D&C. 

Causes of Second Trimester Abortion

There are several reasons why people choose to get an abortion in second trimester.

  • Miscarriage : In some cases, it is miscarriage, where body was not able to sustain the pregnancy and results in failed pregnancy. In such a case, it is very important to ensure that abortion is complete and there are no incomplete body remains inside the uterus.
  • Fetal Abnormality : In some cases, the woman realizes that there is a fetal abnormality and they dont want to continue with the pregnancy in such a case, as well women decide to terminate the pregnancy.
  • PCOS : A lot of women do not realize that they are pregnant unless very late in their pregnancy, this is common with woman who are living with PCOS and they dont get to know.

Where Can I get Abortion after 16 weeks of pregnancy?

You can whatsapp our carechat team and they will assist you. The team, will help you make decisions based on your health and mental health conditions.

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