Miscarriage & Abortion: What Is There To Hide?


Are miscarriage and abortion the same? In a way yes, and in a way no.

Pregnancy and early endings:

Not all pregnancies are carried to the full term to deliver a baby. Sometimes, bodies can end a pregnancy on their own. This happens especially during the early weeks of pregnancies. When a body does this, such an ending of pregnancy is called miscarriage.

In abortion, be it medical or surgical, the pregnancy is ended by using abortion pills or surgical procedures. 

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Same same or different different?

The process by which the products of conception inside the uterus, detach from the uterus and are expelled out of the body through the vagina, are essentially the same in both miscarriage and abortion by pills. The pills bring in the same body response as the body would do at the onset of a miscarriage. 

Why the term miscarriage?

Many pregnant people want to carry their pregnancy to full term and deliver a baby. However, there are times in which the body responds otherwise and initiates on its own to end the pregnancy. Thus the pregnant people do not carry their pregnancy anymore. 

Miscarriage can happen due to many reasons. Most common are the chromosomal abnormalities in the early stages of the foetal development. 

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Miscarriage and spontaneous abortion are the same?

Yes, miscarriage and spontaneous abortion are the same. Many medical textbooks, as well as literature on pregnancy, continue to use the words ‘spontaneous abortion’ for miscarriage. Doctors, nurses and other health professionals, for that matter even laypeople also tend to use this word. 

The distinction in a language such that everyone does not use “spontaneous abortion” for miscarriage, is a matter which is still being discussed and debated in many circles. 

Taking home remedies to end a pregnancy is trying to have a miscarriage?

No, taking home remedies to end a pregnancy ( which is ill-advised and highly risky. Read this to know more), is not trying to have a miscarriage. For miscarriage to happen, your body initiates it naturally, without any external add ons such as home remedies! Taking home remedies to end a pregnancy is an attempt for self-induced abortion.

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Abortion is only possible through medicines and surgery?

Yes, abortion is only possible through medicines and surgery in the current medicalized health system of our world. Though abortion is not a recent development in human history, scientific knowledge and its applications to ensure safe and legal abortion are recent developments. 

Abortion has been going on for centuries, in all civilizations. People used different herbal concoctions, plant products. Some even used products that were inserted into the vagina to bring about abortion. Death due to abortion were far higher in all these centuries. 

With the advancements medical science has made in the last 100 years, abortion has come a long way to reach its current form of minimal infection, minimal risks, minimal complications. Death due to safe and legal abortion is extremely rare in the current world. But that does not mean abortion is only a doctor’s domain. Many countries in the world are exploring self-managed abortion using abortion pills.

Emotional experiences in ending pregnancy

Be it a miscarriage or be it abortion, a pregnant person can go through a whole lot of emotions when facing the ending of a pregnancy. Abortion, just because is a choice, does not make it any lesser than miscarriage to not have an emotional experience. Each pregnant person has their own lived realities and making a choice to end an undesired pregnancy does not invalidate a pregnant person. 

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