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Single woman exploring Mumbai for the first time!

Mumbai is known for its stardom, for its local trains, Marine drive, Mumbai wala attitude and many more things. It is a city which never sleeps. It’s a city made of beautiful public spaces, yum food especially vada pav, expressive people, highly active dabbawalas, the list never ends 😊. So, I got this chance of staying in Mumbai for a week and that too during January so the weather was good. This is the first time I travelled alone in Mumbai and saw the city alone. So, four things for single women travellers who want to explore Mumbai 😉

  • The Local Trains: The local trains are so well connected around the city. If one wants to enjoy a real ride, they should try local trains. You would learn about the city map soon. The women coach makes the local trains more approachable. One can see that the women who have a fix time table about their travelling time, have already made their own friends in the coach. Most of them know each other, most of them work in the same office.  The Female students also take woman coach. By the time you end your journey you would probably speak to at least one co woman passenger. Most of them have travelled through local trains for decades, so all will give their valuable inputs if one would ask for help. And these inputs would really help you in your travel. The train from Bandra to Churchgate normally remains lesser crowded than the other trains. If one is planning to travel from Bandra to south Mumbai, then this train would be helpful. Maximum it costs INR 10.  The feel of the women coach is really different. It somewhere gives the feeling of being united. It gives the feeling that we all are together and nobody can touch us. Each and every women passenger in the coach sits as if she owns that space and most of them are very comfortable with each other.  I felt as if they were my protectors. I felt safe. So, women try out the woman coach in local trains and explore the city and your own self.
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  • The Kali Pilli Cabs – I landed at the Mumbai airport at 9:30 pm. I came out and started checking city maps. I had byhearted the direction but still was feeling bit hesitated to take cabs. Then suddenly a woman approached me asking where I wanted to go. I told her the place and told her that I was looking for a cab. To my surprise, she told me she is a taxi driver, I was shocked. I had never seen a woman taxi driver. Suddenly I got my lost confidence and I took her cab. I felt very relaxed cause she was with me. She told me that she was from Priyadarshini –  Taxi Services (Only women taxi drivers), they provide 24 hours’ services. I forgot to check my map and the only thing now I remember is the beautiful drive we had, talking about our lives and laughing.  I felt relaxed and safe. We reached my destination by 10:30pm. She said a sweet good bye and left. Women taxi drivers!! I am still amazed. So, ladies if you are alone and you need a taxi at night and you are not sure what to do, you can always call up – Priyadarshini –  Taxi Service.
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  • Free Public Spaces – When it comes to public spaces, Mumbai is one of the first cities which comes to anyone’s mind.  Mumbai never sleeps!!! Yes, it is true! Starting from Marine Drive, Chowpatty , Juhu Beach, Nariman Point, Colaba market, all these public spaces are free. One can sit and enjoy the place and wander in dreams. The beauty rises at night, when the yellow lights from the street lights lit up the place. Here one can sit for long hours staring at the sea, looking at people and the food stalls. Here there is no time boundaries. Men, women, families, can sit and enjoy the breeze as long they want to without any time constraints. So, ladies if you are alone try visiting these places. More than fun these places are meant for relaxing and breathing.
  • South Mumbai infrastructure – The architecture of the buildings in south Mumbai is amazing. “It blends Gothic, Victorian, Art Deco, Indo-Saracenic and contemporary architectural styles.” Says The Hindu (Newspaper). In simple words, the architecture is beautiful. One can walk around the place and have one’s pleasure walk around these architectures. The CST Terminal, Bombay High court, St. Xavier’s college. One should walk these lanes and see. Evening walks are the best.

So if you are looking for a place to unwind and a place where no one is going to stare at you cos you are woman, Mumbai might just be your place! 🙂

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