What does wearing a tampon/ menstrual cup/ pad feel like?


This is how the logic goes for many men: during sexual intercourse, the penis enters the vagina and a woman gets sexual pleasure. Thus having a tampon/ menstrual cup in the vagina during periods can be pleasurable. After all, inserting a dildo during masturbation helps a woman have pleasure!

Well, if you have been thinking along these lines, we are giving you the most disgusting look right now or the famous eye roll saved only for those who live in their own la-la land about women’s sexual pleasure.

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Does inserting a tampon/ cup give sexual pleasure?

The answer is a yelled out NO (the yelling not because of the physical pain, but the irritation that men can think like that about sexual pleasure!). Periods, by themselves, are highly uncomfortable days for many women due to the hormonal variations and the resulting body changes. There are muscles and joints in the body which scream out in anger due to the hormonal bashing that happens in the days leading up to the periods. 

Thus, in such a scenario, if you were under the notion that a woman gets her “mmmm, feels good, harder, deeper” share when inserting a tampon or menstrual cup in her vagina, well, buddy, you are very very wrong! 

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So what exactly a woman feels when inserting a tampon/cup?

It is nothing pleasurable! Neither is it painful. However, for those women who are new to menstrual cup, it can be uncomfortable and difficult for the first few try outs of inserting the menstrual cup. But when they get a hang of the right way to insert a cup, also learning to not get tense when inserting the cup, it gets easier and less uncomfortable to use the cup.

During the period days, the vaginal walls are less tight. When inserting a tampon or a cup, there is basically no particular sensation except for mild to moderate pressure when the product enters the vagina. As soon as the insertion is done, the pressure sensation stops. To carry on with day to day life, having a tampon or cup inside the vagina, is not any major feat! In fact, many women do not feel that they have a foreign body – the cup or the tampon- inside their vagina. Such is the way these products are built – to minimize any discomfort to the vagina. 

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What about sanitary pads?

Using sanitary pads has nothing to do with inserting anything into the vagina. You can think of sanitary pads as something like adult diapers or baby diapers. Just that unlike these diapers, sanitary napkins do not cover the buttocks. 

Sanitary napkins are placed inside the panties and they absorb the blood coming out of the vagina. Thus sanitary napkins are external in use. 

Wearing sanitary pads is just like having a cotton sheath in the panty. Yes, women can feel that there is a foreign body – the pad – in her panty. When women sit, stand, move, do anything, they are constantly reminded that they are wearing pads because the skin between the thighs rub onto the pads for every slightest movement. 

Some women develop rashes when using pads. This could be due to poor quality of the synthetic materials present in the pads. It can also be due to wearing the same pad for too long. Thus, it is very important for women to change their pads every few hours, irrespective of them having heavy or light bleeding. 

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