Where to find abortion in Madurai for unmarried women?

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It is tough to get an abortion in India especially city like Madurai. Especially if you are a young couple the doctors will often treat them badly.

Even if there are clinics that provide abortions in different cities in India, the experiences of young people have often been bad. The young people don’t know what to do, where to go, who will help them.

A lot of young people end up with quacks ( people who are not doctors), end up paying a lot of money for wrong medicines, end up have bad complications in health. This is all because they were unable to find good help in their city.

We want to help you and ensure you get all the right help. We want to start by telling you abortion in Madurai  is completely legal.

Legal things to remember while visiting clinic in Madurai :

  • If you want an abortion, you are not doing anything illegal. It is totally legal under MTP  (Medical Termination of Pregnancy) Act of 1971.  
  • You will be asked for an identity proof.

If you want to understand more about the process and need help in knowing your options, please do WhatsApp the carechat.

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Under Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act 1972 any woman can get an abortion within 20 weeks under  the following circumstances

  1. If continuation of the pregnancy would be a risk either physically/mentally to the women.
  2. If the fetus shows abnormality in the scan and tests, which would prove that it would be born severely handicapped.

Often, we are not sure about the length of the pregnancy, and are not able to make right decision about the method, do WhatsApp the carechat and it will help you dictate the length and possibility.

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In clinics in Madurai , these are some of the basic things you have to remember:

For the first 8 weeks a woman can have a medical abortion.

  • In a medical abortion one will be given certain medications to terminate the pregnancy. 
  • The pill is extremely effective in 95% of cases. Taking the pill after an 8 week pregnancy can lead to an incomplete abortion.
  • It is always important to seek professional advice when having a medical abortion complications.           

 After 8 weeks the safest method to get an abortions is by having a surgical abortion which is completely legal under the MTP Act.

Since under the MTP an abortion can be medically terminated only by a “registered medical practitioner” the prices can vary quite in private hospitals and clinics.

Getting psychological support while seeking abortion.

Getting an abortion can be an extremely challenging time for any women, hence it important for women to not only seek physical care but seek mental healthcare services. 

What does Hidden Pockets offer to young client in such a scenario?

  • We will connect you with a good doctor who will be not judgemental.
  • We will help you assess your health conditions.
  • We will ensure that you have all your documents ready before you go to a doctor.
  • Our team of counsellors will provide you real time support during pre abortion, and post abortion.
  • We will provide constant guidance with regard to tests needed, medicine needed and support.
  • We will help you make best decisions based on your situation.
You would like to connect now? click on this Whatsapp chat button now to talk to our carechat counsellor:
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What is Post Abortion care?

Women after getting a medication or surgery do not go back to get their tested. Hidden Pockets will assist you in this regard too. We ensure that our clients are taken good care off.

Please read the stories of other people who have received our services : https://www.vipasyin.io/testimonial/

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