Where to get abortion in Dubai/ Abu Dhabi (UAE)?

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Is abortion in Dubai legal?

Dubai and Abu Dhabi are in UAE, where laws around abortion are very strict. According to the laws in UAE, a woman can terminate her pregnancy under certain circumstances.

Conditions under which Abortion in UAE can be done :

A pregnancy can be terminated if it is dangerous to the life of the pregnant woman and or to the child. Pregnancy may be terminated if the child could not survive after birth. The pregnancy should not be more than 120 days.

Further, pregnancy may be aborted pursuant to a court order.

In such a situation, a lot of women find themselves in extremely scary situations, especially if they are single women, or women who dont want to continue with pregnancy, because their marriage is an unhappy marriage.

If you are worried and confused, WhatsApp us we will guide you about use of abortion pills in dubai.

Abortion Counselling in India for Dubai and Abu Dhabi Patients

At Vipasyin, we can help you provide counselling and help you find abortion services in India, at a reasonable cost. We do want to understand your health and ensure that you are taking the best possible route for you.

Our counsellors will help you understand your health first. Based on our calculator and the counsellor, we would be able to assess your condition.

We would connect you to doctors who would be willing to terminate your pregnancy.

We would help you locate an option for you closest based on your travel conditions. With COVID situation, we will ensure that we keep your safety in mind as well.

Abortion Counselling in Different languages :

If you are comfortable in different languages other English, we can also help in Hindi and Malayalam. Our counsellors are fluent in these languages.

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