Where to get an abortion in Kochi?


If you are a Malayali in Kochi and have watched the movie Notebook (nope, not the English one, but the Malayalam one), you would have grasped the fear and shame the young people undergo when they realize they have an unplanned pregnancy and want an abortion.

Kochi is a buzzing cosmopolitan city. It has the best of everything in Kerala. Healthcare, education, entertainment – you name it. But when it comes to actually being open minded, Kochi still has that “pinthirippan” attitude on many matters!

The recent online fiasco that happened when the Malayalam actress Anaswara Rajan posted photos of her in shorts and top shows how much the online “aangalamar” in Kerala gets worked up about tradition and culture!

So imagine in such a Kerala state, and in such a top-rated city like Kochi which is renowned for being progressive and liberal, how difficult it can be for women, especially unmarried women, to get access to safe, legal, and non-judgemental abortion!

If you have recently discovered that you are pregnant and you don’t want to proceed with the pregnancy, but you are utterly clueless where you can get a safe, legal and non-judgemental abortion in Kochi, worry not! We have got you covered. 

This article is a great starting point for you to know about the abortion in Kochi.

Before you delve into this article further, let us first and foremost reassure you that abortion in Kochi is completely legal.

Legal things to remember while visiting abortion clinic in Kochi:

If you want an abortion, you are not doing anything illegal. It is totally legal under MTP  (Medical Termination of Pregnancy) Act of 1971.  

Under Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act 1971, any woman can get an abortion within 20 weeks of her pregnancy under the following circumstances:

  1. If continuation of the pregnancy would be a risk to the physical or mental health and well being of a woman 
  2. If the foetus shows abnormality in the scan and tests, and thus confirms that if it is born it would be severely handicapped. 

[Often, many women are not sure about the time duration of the pregnancy, as in they cannot say for sure, in which week of pregnancy they are in. Thus they are not able to make the right decision about which method of abortion is suited for them. There are different abortions for different weeks of pregnancy. You can chat with us on our Whatsapp Careline and we can help you assess in which week of pregnancy you are in and what are the options you have for abortion: header wp icon ]

For abortion clinics in Kochi, these are some of the basic things you need to keep in mind:

For the first 8 weeks a woman can have a medical abortion

  • In a medical abortion, you will be given certain medications to terminate the pregnancy.
  • The pill is extremely effective in 95% of cases. Taking the pill after an 8 weeks pregnancy can lead to an incomplete abortion.
  • It is always important to follow up with your doctor when you develop complications following an abortion using medical abortion pills

After 8 weeks the safest method to get an abortions is by having a surgical abortion 

  • Up to 12 weeks, the preferred method is Manual Vacum Aspiration (MVA). This is a minor surgical procedure and does not require any overnight hospitalization. You can return home the same day after the procedure.
  • Beyond 12 weeks, the surgical procedure might require you to be hospitalized overnight. 

Abortion cost in Kochi

Not all doctors are allowed to do an abortion. Under the MTP Act, only a Registered Medical Practitioner (RMP) is allowed to give an abortion. These are doctors who have undergone training to give an abortion. Also, not all hospitals and clinics are permitted to give abortions. Only those hospitals and clinics (government or private) which are registered as Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) centres can give an abortion. The cost for abortion varies from doctor to doctor in various private hospitals and clinics.

Getting psychological support while seeking abortion

Getting an abortion can be an extremely challenging time for any woman, hence it is important for women to not only seek safe, legal abortion from a qualified doctor but also seek support for emotional health and well-being. 

What does Vipasyin offer to young clients?

  • We will connect you with a good doctor who will not judge you for wanting an abortion or that you are unmarried.
  • We will ensure that you have all your documents ready before you go to a doctor.
  • We will help you assess your health conditions.
  • We will provide constant guidance with regard to the needed tests, medicines.
  • Our team of counsellors will provide you real time support for pre-abortion as well as post-abortion.
  • We will help you make the best decisions that take into consideration your circumstances.

[You would like to connect now? Click on this Whatsapp chat button now to talk to our Careline counsellor: header wp icon ]

Post-abortion care is important

Once the abortion is done, many women think the ordeal is over and thus there is no necessity to go back to the doctor. Even if the doctor has recommended to come back after a few days, many women opt out of going back to the doctor, thinking there is nothing more to abortion, now that it is all done. However, this is not a healthy choice. There are reasons why your doctor has asked you to come back after a few days. Post abortion care can avoid a lot of complications for you.

To know more read: Post Abortion Care: 5 Things You should Know

[Vipasyin ensures that you are taken care of and supported after your abortion. We take post abortion very seriously and we want you to have a speedy  recovery. We are just one click away: header wp icon ]

If you want to know more about our work from the people who have received our services, you can read the testimonials.

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