10 ways to reduce Periods Pain

reduce periods pain

Menstrual cramps aka periods pain ! They haunt my body and soul. And most of the time they go above and beyond the ways to ruin my days. And it’s the same for most of the girls.

But regular periods are a sign that your body is working normally and many of us experience different kind of discomfort during the cycle.

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So far, scientific support for the claim that any remedy can treat the menstrual cramp is limited. But we have herbal medicine which offer relief without any side effects and those are easily available in our house. For me, after trying over the counter medicines for a very long period, my body stopped responding to them and I had to turn my head towards herbal remedies.

Remedies to reduce Periods Pain

But top of any remedies for Periods pain , it’s water water and water.

  1. Water : Staying hydrated don’t curb your cramping directly, but it will definitely help with bloating and better if its fennel water.
  2. Tea Person : Being a tea person, I run on the fuel called ‘Ginger tea’ during my periods.
  3. Chinese Herbs : And yes, I have have become a huge fan of chinese herbs lately. They  are more effective than most of the over the counter medications I tried.

And, if you are wondering what is chinese herbs, those are our cinnamon bark,fennel,licorice root,Chinese angelica root and red peony root.

4. Medicinal plants have a significant role in women’s health care, during   menstruation, pregnancy, birth and postpartum care in many rural areas of the world.

5. Herbal remedies can not only help to ease the pain but also calm emotions and help a speedy recovery. Raspberry leaf is one of the best when it comes to uterine muscles.

Make a raspberry tea for yourself if you are a tea person, if not, Make raspberry tea ice cubes.

6. Chamomile also do wonders when it comes to labor pain and relieving tension.

Aroma Therapy for reducing period pain:

A women not only needs pain relief during her pregnancy, we all need emotional balance Right.?

7. An oil massage, enhanced with herbs will relax muscles. Chamomile, rose , lavender… we have a big list.

8. Lavender is calming and strengthening and its aroma is proven to relieve depression and irritability.

Period cramps and problems are common but usually are not considered serious. We take care of our teeth, we take care of our hair, we take care of our heart and bones and every part of our body seriously but, why not our womb.?

Ayurvedic Remedies for menstrual cramps

According to the classical ayurveda, A healthy menstrual cycle has bright red color flow, which does not stain the clothes and has an odor but that’s not foul and

most importantly has an amount that is an average four anjalees ( A single anjalee is an amount that would fit into your one cupped hand), but i should say it varies on each of us.

9. Pacifying diet lifestyle, yoga and pranayama, breast massage, castor oil packs,hydration,salt scrub are most common methods for easy periods according to ayurveda but first of all, you need to find out your body type before trying any ayurvedic medicines. Same like western medicine, ayurveda also do not recommend self medication.

Taking a treatment without knowing your body type can create serious issues. If you still have doubts around ayurveda, remember that ayurveda is one of the oldest healing science.

And can we trust western medications completely.?

Nope, we can not!

10. So before getting into any treatments, understand that every women’s periods has its own ‘personality’ and just because your friend got a different length for bleeding and shorter or longer circle, it doesn’t mean that you also have to get the same.

Understand your menstrual cycle and break your head only if something out of the ordinary happens!

Happy periods!

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