Is It Difficult To Get An Abortion With Covid19 And Pandemic?

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In 2021, India has been badly hit by Covid19. The situation is really bad for health services. But doctors are still You read it right! Can your abortion services be disrupted because of Covid19 pandemic which is slowly affecting public health system in India?

It is been a year since we are living the life of Pandemic. But services have started, clinics have opened and in some cities even shops have opened, so Yes, you can get an abortion in such a situation.


Yes, you have right to get an abortion. Yes, there are doctors in India, who can help you with. Yes, Hidden Pockets will provide you with counselling as well. But the real issue, when the health system is bit down, when the service providers are distributing energy across various departments to help counter the Covid19 spread, abortion services are hit hard. Will the doctors be forced to choose between patients? Are abortion essential services?

So what has really changed in the Covid19 in last one year now?
  • Doctors are back : Doctors are using tele medicine to help clients during pandemic.
  • Hidden Pockets Carechat is helping clients with their counselling services.

In such a scenario the inherent bias against abortion also comes out strongly.  Yes, importance is given to Covid19, and yes women are told to take more responsibilities while work from home is becoming norm.

We were scared that there will be a shortage of doctors who can provide sexual and reproductive health services and there would be an increase in waiting time for clients.

In many places, the Indian Medical Association and or district administration has sent advisories to start all clinical work.

  • Shortage of medicines : We may see shortages of medications in contraceptives, antiretrovirals for HIV/AIDS and antibiotics to treat STIs due to disruptions in supply chains as most of industries based out of China or India.
  • Inability to reach the clinics for doctors : In specific case of Abortion, the cases within the case of first 6 weeks, are dealt with pills and doctors can help and provide pills to the patients to assist the termination of unwanted pregnancies. It is really important for you to talk to someone and find a counsellor. Please do chat to our carechat counsellor and they will help you determine your condition.
  • Inability to reach clinics for young clients : A lot of places have limited public transit. There is a lot of fear around visiting public places, or hospitals especially where a lot of possible carrier of the virus are visiting, this might even make it more difficult for people to reach the clinics.

Please dont panic, WhatsApp us at 8861713567 if any query.

Our advisor at Hidden Pockets Dr. Ashok Kumar has recommended that “Below 6 weeks or even upto 9 weeks doctors can do medical management and provide help with tablets. We are only dealing with medical emergencies like ectopic pregnancies. “

Some of the other advises that has been circulated around by practising doctors during the pandemic:

a) No routine antenatal visits.

b) Scan only in suspected Intrauterine growth restriction after 34 week

c) Mainly suspected ectopics and bleeding miscarriage. Minimize evacs if it can be managed medically or expectantly.

d) Infertility investigations and management : totally suspended.
e) Specialized abortion care centres low at risk of covid 19 so should ideally continue to provide services.

f) Cervical screening : suspended and only manage abnormal smear.

So as patients what should we do as young people :

a) Keep a track of your periods and use our pregnancy tracker to be updated.

b) Please use contraception, and if possible, use condoms every given time.

c) Connect to Hidden Pockets careline counselling, and we will try our level best to help you find a service in your city which is functioning, if within the first few weeks.

d) If its after first 6 weeks, it can wait for few weeks, as doctors would require to perform surgery and it is important to have clinics and doctors available for such process, so dont get nervous. We are there to help and guide you through the process.

Please dont panic, WhatsApp us at 8861713567 if any query.

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