Where do women go to file cases against harassment in Hyderabad? Bharosa

Building of Bharosa Center

Hidden Pockets Collective visited Bharosa Support Center for Women & Children, Telangana.

“Bharosa” –Support Center for Women and Children is intended to support women affected by violence, in private and public spaces, within the family, community and at the workplace. It helps women facing physical, sexual, emotional, psychological and economic abuse, irrespective of age, class, caste, education status, marital status, race and culture will be facilitated with support and redressal.

Bharosa also helps aggrieved women facing any kind of violence due to attempted sexual harassment, sexual assault, domestic violence, trafficking, honor related crimes, acid attacks or witch-hunting who have reached out or been referred to the Center will be provided with specialized services.

Hyderabad Police

Bharosa is an NGO working with Hyderabad City Police and the Telangana Government. It works with the Child Welfare Committee. Swati Lakra-IPS Officer is the main in charge of the center. We met  the Circle Inspector who supervises the center.

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If you need personal assistance, please WhatsApp us at 8861713567.


FIR is lodged at the local police station. Then a lady constable and a male constable come to Bharosa with a request (Medical request along with Form 161).  It is compulsory for the police stations to come to Bharosa or transfer the cases to Bharosa (Domestic violence and rape cases).

  • The first step at Bharosa is to register the case. Then victim is sent to the counselor, most of the counselors at Bharosa are Clinical psychologists.
  • The second step is to record the statements. If the victim is below 18 or very young, then there is a room for children where the child would be taken along with the mother and the counselor and then the statement is recorded. The Sub Inspector also sits through this procedure.
Video Conference

Bharosa also has a room for video conferences where the statements are recorded. Many a times this room is used for recording statements from children who are scared to go the magistrate. After the recording the charge sheet is prepared. The center is well equipped, it has internet. The center also has a medical room where medical check ups are done.

The state has recruited few doctors for Bharosa who also work in government hospitals. They are supposed to  handle the cases. This hasn’t started completely yet, so at present  the Auxiliary Nurse Midwives take the patients to the government hospitals for the examination. All are sent to either Gandhi or Osmania Hospitals. Bharosa also has a lunch room/snacks room where food is provided to the victim and the person accompanying the victim. If the child/victim doesn’t want to go home, then they are sent to the shelter homes.

There are few shelter homes which are under Bharosa. There are 3 vehicles through which they are sent to the shelter homes. The building is open for 24 hours. The victims who come at night are sent to the shelter homes. And next morning their cases are registered. After the recording and all procedure is done, the case starts. Bharosa helps them in following up with their cases.

It is  also trying to get the court building for POCSO cases next to Bharosa so that the children don’t have to suffer.


The same building has another Team called the She Team. This is for the eve teasers, to punish them. There are 63 stations, and each have 1 member from she team. There are 10 teams under she team which takes care of different locality. They stand at bus stops, colleges, any crowded places. They work from morning 6 am to 11 pm. In the team there are 6 people (one female constable, one Sub Inspector, four male officers).

They have spy cameras. If they see any crime they bring the eve teaser to the center (She Team building). If eve teaser is a minor, then they call the parents, give counselling and send them back (after taking the undertaking). If the eve teaser is a major then they take the finger prints, Aadhaar copy and all the details and put it online. By doing this they keep a check on how many times that particular person has committed any offence.  The nature of the crime is checked. If it is related to cyber crime then the person is sent to cyber crime cell. The complaints can be done on calls, Facebook, Twitter, whatsapp.

Bharosa and She Team  has made things easier for the NGO, police and victim. The victim doesn’t have to move around looking for help. Under one roof she gets all the services. There is also a team which works on outreach. There are 6 members in the team. They go to schools and colleges every day. They go speak to the Principle, then talk to the students. They talk about good and bad touch, which all cases should be reported is taught to them (especially to girls).

On principle it looks like a great place which is trying to be more holistic and response in terms of responding to problems related to women. However it still uses surveillance as a model, and are collecting data against anyone who gets caught by the police.

It does understand the concept of “One Stop Crisis Centers” in bringing all the service providers under one roof.

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  1. I filed fir case against my in-laws and husband for abusing me metally, physically, economically, and finanvcially. I have a son who is new zealand citizen by birth as he was born in new zealand. As soon as i reached hyderabad my father-in-law forcefully snatched my indian passport and my son’s passport at shamshabad airport hyderabad. I did complaint against them in CCS womens police station near public garden in may 2017. But till date i did not got any of my belongings back, instead police advised me to get new passport as i will not get my old passports from in-laws as they are denying. Please suggest some help

    1. Dear, We advise you to go Bharosa centre and try registering your case there. They might able to help you faster.

  2. hi madam. i am sunitha. every weekend my husband torturing me from past 7 years.before he tortured me to marry. after marrying he is torturing me mentally and physically.yesterday he is chasing me and hitting and using abusive language and saying that he wanted to kill me.he hurted me very badly. he tired to close my nose mouth and ruptured my neck .he suffocated me and tiref to kill me.plz i cant go anywhere as i am having small son.where i dont have anyone to take care. i wanted to file a case against him.domestic voilence.harrasment.talking my caste and charecter.he is not even taking care of my son or me.nor giving money for basic needs.he is enjoing his life some other lady and he says he is frustrated so he wanted to hit me.if i close doors and stay aslo he is breaking doors and hitting me.last night he attempted murder on me.kindly do the needful where should i go and file complain about these.kindly reply.

      1. Hi Team,

        My sister is facing the same issue as sunitha mentioned above. I want to rescue my sis from her husband.
        What should i do .?

  3. Hi sheteam, I want to complain about a family who are harrasing and tourturing along with the husband (mustaq )their daughter in law (Afreen )for dowry, they beat her and tortured to an extent that she got mentally unstable and got admitted to oxygen hospital at Masan tank . This happens frequently with her please help her otherwise she will die. Please don’t disclose my identity and phone number Iam there neaighbour they will make my life hell. I can give you his photograph if u really take action. They thrash her drag her out girl pleads so much but husband and in-laws are so cruel last Saturday was horrible as she was crying with pain and saying they fed me something . Her family has old parents which these ppl are taking advantage.so I beg u please help her they will kill her

      1. Dear, We advise you to go Bharosa centre and try registering your case there. You can contact them via fb page. They respond quick. They will help.

  4. Hi she team, I stay in appartments since from a week we are not getting water, lift is not working in our appartments hence we are paying rents, maintenance, everymonth we have bills also, we went and complained to the president of our appartments they are 4men who are maintaing these appartments since we complaining from one week those people are behaving very rudely and lieing and speaking abusive language on ladies speaking very bad words what action should we take on them, kindly suggest

  5. Hi Sir,
    We have Unisex Salon Shop . One of our employee spreading wrong words against my wife (Harassment words) which creating mental harassment to my wife. Even after giving warning and removed from our shop . He is sending same words through whatsapp and doing same thing again. My wife is suffering a lot against these words.

    1. Hello dear, Could you please whatsapp us on 8861713567. Our team will attend your concern.

  6. Hello sir/mam,

    My sister is married 2yrs back and living in hyderabad with her husband. Her husband and in-laws abusing metally, physically, economically, and financially from the very beginning of marriage. They took a huge dowry as cash, gold and a plot of land. Last year he even beated my sister very brutally. And now also he snached with his nails on my sister’s hand so wildly. She took photos as for proof. But she is not able to go out from home to a complaint against this as they are threatening her so much. Please suggest and help as soon as Regarding this.

    1. Hello dear, Could you please whatsapp us on 8861713567. Our team will attend your concern.

  7. this is surely helpig the those women who are suffereing from all this harrassment but the case is alse where many women take it as an advantage n files the case against grooms family, this is my brothers case where we are facing harrassment from the brides family my bro got married 9 years ago since then we are facing issues and my sis in law along with her mother dragging us again n again to the ps and bharosa centre…as a girl i regret women take such negative advantages to harm others which is been provided for women good.

  8. My husband torcher me severly ,he made me nude and taken video’s and blackmail me saying that he”ll going to publish in social media saying that when I was with my mother with son, he forcibly taken my son who was 4 yrs saying that he”ll going to publish in social media

  9. Madam, this is surely helpig the those women who are suffereing from all this harrassment but the case is alse where many women take it as an advantage n files the case against grooms family, this is my brothers case where we are facing harrassment from the brides and her family my bro got married 10 years ago since then we are facing issues and my sis in law along with her parents, they filed a case and compromise on the separate living without our parents, now still there is harassment with my sis in law for money and threating fro suicide and attacking my brother bharosa centre…as a girl i regret women take such negative advantages to harm others which is been provided for women good.

    Please we need your help or suggestion.

  10. Hi team.

    I’m married 3 years back. Since married my in laws( especially mother in law) torturing me for the work what ever I do. She don’t tell me any work if I do myself she will scold. Even my father in law is joined vth her. After some months she sent me n my husband out of the house. She said no need to stay here. Till few months back we stayed separately n happily. Now my husband also joined his mother n scolding me n my parents. Her mother is making to talk abusively with him toward me.my family is tired with them. We are not interested in them.im facing a lot of problems vth my in laws.

  11. Hi
    Womens are taking advantage of this my brothr got married and took his wife along vt him to abroad after returing she stayed vt my parents only for 10days and booked harrasment complaint on whole family without any reason could you please help us.

  12. I got married in 2017 and have a 10 months old baby girl.since day one my mother-in-law and my husband has been harassing me and offending me in front of relatives and even maid.they always ready to blame me and my mother family though we are not involved in that issue they raise.my husband started beating me and talking very bad words those I cannot let it out ,my mother in all always try to manipulate my husband by talking false things about me and blames me though i communicate with them properly.I got normal delivery ,pre delivery and post delivery also my husband beats me without listening what i’m saying ,he always left me alone and insists me to stay with his mother he always beats me cruelly and offends me for not earning money at this stage and my and my baby expenses are barring my family as he is least concerned about us .how long i should bare him and now i’m literally scared to be with him because he always loses his control when he is anger .please help me out .

    Thanks .

  13. Both are bigsmy, after having 2 kids, the husband come to know real about things going on, he informs to changefor thecsake of children, suddenly 498a and dv cases she makes, she has not approached Baroda, she involves local political and police, threatens, in this case where men will go, I tried to suicide but for the sake living. Whatcwill happen to false cases and mentally torture. Even the police are involved in my case inspite of informing them. Please advise.

  14. Any thing is there in mental harrassment in our work place…As I harrassed every day by my head of the team member…so need some suggestion….In what basis can I complaint on her.. please help me out

  15. Hi team, my in-laws torture me emotionally everyday and also spread that I’m bad in my relatives, sometimes they doesn’t even allow me to cook in home to eat, saying that they brought the groceries. Also they humiliate my family saying that they are low class. I’ve undergone many struggle for my mental peace. Please help!!

  16. Hi Team,

    I got married in 2006 from then till now am working and salary / card all is with my husband. If I ask about his salary or ask details of expenditure it will beat me ask me to get out. Ours being a Orthodox family and considering my siblings I am silent till now. We have 2 kids elder one is 5 years old younger one is just 6 months. I need to report back to office I said no one to take care of kids and all. He is saying I can take care. If you want kids and if you want to stay with them just go to work. In this 15 years I didn’t see his single rupee. Even last year when his dad expired he spent all my earnings for rituals. I didn’t say a word. I am worried about my kids future and security. Please guide

  17. Hi team
    my in-laws ( my husband brother) torture me psychologically everyday and also spread that I’m bad in my relatives. Also he was talking against women and described gender differences in abused language . Now iam pregnant…..I’ve undergone many struggle for my mental peace. I have threat to me and my baby too..Please help!!……as soon as… either suggest me…or waring him… please … please

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