Eco-friendly Menstrual hygiene: Good for me, Good for the Earth

The plant that never blooms

The growth of technology in the fast pacing world is endless. With growing concerns over water conservation and waste segregation, there is an immediate need to educate people about it. Let’s talk about sanitation, Indians always feel a discomfort in discussing about menstruation, which dictates how women dispose their sanitary waste. While there are cost-effective pads being available to the people at much better rates than our past, proper waste disposal is still a far cry. Its time for us to have an eco-friendly period. In India, there is no mandate to disclose about what goes into the sanitary napkins that we use today.

Dioxin is one such toxic chemical that result in skin lesions, altered liver function, impairment of immune system and much more. With each one of us producing thousands of wastes, they all end up in clogging the sewage systems or find space in the already burdened landfills and remain there forever, at least 800-1000 years due to the presence of plastics in it. Menstrual products are coming across as one of the biggest polluters. Let’s join our hands together and reduce the pollution that we have created and switch to better alternatives. So, here is a list of brands that produce organic biodegradable pads and menstrual cups which are safe for us, and safe for our mother earth too.

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 Disposable Eco Friendly Options:

1. Heyday
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Heyday is one of the best affordable organic napkin brands that produces the pads out of corn and bamboo fibers which have natural sterilization effects. And the best part about the Heyday is that they decompose within two years of disposal. In my experience, Heyday was my life savior when it came to rashes and infections. Rs.13-14/pad

2. Nurture Organics
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Nurture claims that their organic products are hypoallergenic and chemical free, chlorine free with silver ion chip that has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Their pads are of 100% natural cotton layer for extra comfort. Rs. 15-16/pad.

3. Vivanion
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Vivanion claims that their napkin is herbal, organic and anion powered which helps to eliminate odor, and keep you comfortable throughout your period. They are biodegradable and decomposes within one year.  Rs.20/pad.

4. Saathi
Biodegradable Sanitary Pads - XL Wings (Pack of 8)
Pic Courtesy: Saathi

Saathi pads are organic, unbleached and perfume-free. It is one of the best options to choose from as they are made of natural materials like banana fibers and decomposes within six months. With your every purchase, they gift the biodegradable pads to the rural women too. Rs. 22-23/pad.

5. Carmesi
Pic courtesy: Carmesi

Carmesi pads comes with the finest natural ingredients that are incredibly thin and soft. They are made with corn and bamboo fiber that have higher absorbency. They are hypoallergenic and have individual wrappers which one might mistaken for it being plastic, but they are claimed to be completely biodegradable. Their range of pantyliners are my personal favorites. Rs. 20-25/pad.

6. Sakhi Pads
Pic Courtesy: Sakhi

A self-help group in Goa, Saheli makes the Sakhi pads. The pads are made from butter paper, non-woven paper and cotton along with pine wood paper which degrades within 8 days of burial in the soil. One draws back of these pads is that they don’t have wings. They are easily available on Rs.5/Pad.

Reusable Cloth Pads:

1. Ecofemme
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Pic courtesy: Ecofemme

Ecofemme cloth pads comes with 100% cotton, and using a cloth pad will reduce the tonnes of sanitary waste that gets settled in landfills for years to come. It’s a cost efficient and healthy option for you and the Earth. Rs.235-275/pad.

2. Soch
Pic Courtesy: Soch

They are made by combed cotton and polyester, which we can use for daily discharge, menstrual protection, incontinence, and postpartum bleeding. It has a leak proof layer and comes with snap on buttons on the side so that it can be fixed on any underwear for added protection. The new design-narrow in the center and wide in the ends – offers a great fit and eliminates side leaks. Rs.255-395.

Menstrual cups:
Boondh Menstural Cup
Pic courtesy: Everwards

Menstrual cups strike the perfect balance between maintaining your body and keeping the environment clean. They comes in various sizes and attractive colors and once you master the art of using the menstrual cup, there’s no way going back. Menstrual cups reduce the enormous amount of sanitary waste and they are made by body friendly medical grade silicon. The main task is to find the right size and use it in right way. There is a chance that you might get cramps, but the right positioning of the cup will fix this problem. There are many brands that produces cups and easily available on One option to choose can be, Boondh Menstrual cup that is BPA free and made of medical grade silicon.  Rs.697/cup.

Period Panties:

Pic courtesy: Adira

Period panties are similar to cloth pads. We can reuse them like a cloth pad. These period panties take the shape of regular panties but with a pad attached into it. There are many options to choose from and easily available online. 

Adira is one such brand that provides period panties. Rs.350 each.

Let’s make this world a better place with our small steps that would take bigger leaps. Let us switch to eco-friendly and safe products that is good for us, and good for the Earth. 


Sujitha is an amature artist and a keen sustainable person who loves to share her experiences and stories. Experimented writing this time.

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