Menstrual Cycle Talks for Men


Most of you men are clueless about the menstrual cycle, ovulation, and periods. You might have a textbook understanding of periods, that it is a monthly cycle, bleeding happens, pain can be there etc etc etc. However, many of you are misled about periods. Of course, it is not your fault! You are rarely included in the conversations about periods after all.

In this article, we are clearing out some often-wondered but dared-not-to-ask your girl thoughts. There is a need to have conversations to address the misconceptions and clear out things so that you are better equipped to help and support your partner.

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Ovulation is the process by which an egg is released from the ovary. Well, this is a scientific explanation about ovulation. Have you ever wondered what exactly a woman feels when ovulation occurs? Some men have this understanding that in ovulation, just as a fruit detaches from a tree and falls to the ground, the egg detaches from the ovary!

Ahem! Ovulation does not bring any such fruit-tree detach feeling in a woman! In fact, many women do not realize ovulation has occurred. For those women who want to get pregnant and are thus increasing the chances of pregnancy by having sex during ovulation, one way of knowing the ovulation is by calculating the days in the menstrual cycle. 

For women who have regular menstrual cycles, it is easy to calculate ovulation. For an average 28 days cycle, ovulation happens on the 14th day after the periods. 

Also, during ovulation, the cervical mucus discharge is found to be more slippery, less opaque. 

There is no other way of knowing about ovulation! No fruits and trees detachment feeling folks!

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Bleeding during periods

Periods is all about bleeding you might think. There is blood, blood, and more blood. Many men think that women just keep bleeding from their vagina like how water pours out from an open tap! Some men also think that bleeding happens 24 x 7 during the period days!

The reality is far from it though. When a woman bleeds during her periods, first of all, blood does not come out of her vagina 24 x 7. Then why does everyone say periods last for 5 days you might ask. Well, those 5 days that everyone talks about are just a rough approximation of the duration of the periods. It does not mean that a woman keeps on bleeding for the whole 5 days. 

In fact, the duration of periods varies from women to women. Some women have it for three days while some women have it for 6 days. The range of 5 days is an average estimate. 

Bleeding in these 5 days varies. For most women, in the first three days, there can be heavy bleeding. The next two days, the bleeding decreases considerably.

During the whole different days of periods, a woman loses around 3 to 4 tablespoons of blood in total. That is all there is to the bleeding! So, if you actually try to understand, then you will realize that this whole open tap-gush-of-water is not the way a woman bleeds during her periods. If she is to lose, say 4 tablespoons of blood in 5 days, the blood exits from her vagina in a very small amount, more like a few intermittent drops in every few hours. And sometimes no drops at all for hours at stretch, especially in the fourth and fifth days of the periods. 

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