Female Condoms are Available in India!

female condom

Female condoms? Yes, they do exist! It isn’t fiction but is yet to be accepted socially. It exists materially but is a thing that is only present in thought for the Indian society. A thing yet to be brought to use because somehow condoms are synonymous with male condoms in popular conception. So let’s find out what a female condom is and how is it used?

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What is a female condom?

A female condom is a barrier contraceptive device that is used during sexual intercourse to reduce the risk of unintended pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs such as Gonorrhea, Syphilis, and HIV).

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It is a thin plastic pouch that fits upside down inside the vagina. The closed end is held inside by a flexible ring attached to the condom, and a larger ring holds the open end outside the vagina. The pouch collects semen and prevents it from entering the vagina. It is worn internally by the female partner and provides a physical barrier to prevent exposure to ejaculated semen and other body fluids.

The first female condom named Femidom, invented by the Danish doctor Lasse Hessel, was first launched in the European market in 1990.

Keeping in mind that it’s been in commercial use since 1990, what one wonders is why has it not been a popular mode of contraception in the Indian context yet. Why for an average Indian, a condom usually means or refers to a male condom and i-pill becomes the solo option for women to avoid unwanted pregnancies?


All these above thoughts led us to create a small survey in 2016 about awareness of the existence of female condoms (FCs). We did a survey of 21 people and asked them the following:

  • Awareness about the female condom
    Result: 18 of 21 people said that they were aware of its existence.
  • Where to buy? / Availability
    Result: Chemists, online stores, and cosmetic shops. Apart from pharmacies, the availability of female condoms in cosmetic stores makes it easy for many women to access female condoms without judgments and stigma around it.

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  • Usage
    Result: Most haven’t used it. 17 of 21 to be precise. This usage is really low. The reasons could be a lack of knowledge around where to buy it, or how to use it, or the naysaying partner who isn’t comfortable with the idea of having his penis enter a plastic-coated vagina.

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  • Recommend others to use it?
    Result: Yes, it’s a safe thing to have in the bag and a good alternative for most women.

Even when female condoms aren’t advertised much, most people who participated in the survey were aware of it. This clearly shows that if marketed well, women will see female condoms as a good alternative to male condoms and Emergency Contraceptive Pills (ECPs). Female condoms give more control to women during sex, and also gives women the power of choice when it comes to their bodies.

Unfortunately, Emergency Contraceptive Pills (ECPs) have become the common ‘go-to’ option for most women even though they are more expensive and don’t guarantee 100% protection against pregnancy. Note that the abuse and over-use of ECPs can lead to serious health hazards in women.

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As a woman, it’s up to you to try and experiment with the best possible contraceptive for your body. Keep an open mind and explore what suits your body, pleasure, and comfort.

We at Hidden Pockets believe in giving women the power to choose what goes inside their bodies. And female condoms seem like a great alternative for you to try out compared to male condoms and emergency contraceptive pills.

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Article written by Pallavi

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