Goats of Delhi: “What’s life in a metro?”

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Walking along the footpath, I met this goat.It was looking at me as if trying to say something. It wanted to share its life’s struggle with me, I felt. I clicked this picture as a remembrance of the glances exchanged.

Goats are docile creatures who are never considered a part of the popular cityscape. But they do exist, roaming in parts of the city. I cross them daily but never paid much attention. But I felt it’s time that I include them in the frame and see what they have to say about their life in a metro.

I started noticing my goat buddies, and each one had a story to tell.


1. “Life in a metro” – The family guy


“I am the oldest one among 3 siblings. Yeah these 2 fighting behind my back are the younger ones. We have recently migrated from our village in search of greener pastures.  But what we find here is only a jungle of concrete. The people here are machinic in nature, they run to their offices in the morning get back late in the evening. There’s no life here. I think we will go back to our village where people at least have control over their time.” – The Family Guy


2. “I am cool like that”- The loner!

Photo Credit: Jasmine Lovely George

“I am a loner. I don’t have many friends here. I pass my time observing the people. It’s fun! Everyone here is glued to their mobile phones. It seems as if the phones have tamed humans and use them as a mode of transport. I feel I am better off whenever I see friends walking together and not talking but looking into their screens. It’s a zombie world, I swear!” – The Loner


3. “Life is a race and I have to win it”-The Competitor!


“Life in a city is about cut-throat competition. It is about “survival of the fittest.” It is a race and nothing else. That’s what i am doing now. Can’t you see that, eh? Now move let me concentrate on the fight.” – The Competitor goat


4. “Life is great.”- The Happy-Go-Lucky


“All I need is food and water to survive. I get it here. See how green the grass is? I simply love it! The sun is a bit too harsh today. But it’s summers what else do you expect. I take life as it comes. One thing at a time. Leisure and pleasure are the two most important things for me. That’s it.” – The Happy-Go-Lucky


5. “Start living and stop existing.”- The Wise One!


“Every day post work I sit here under the open sky, and enjoy some alone time talking to myself!” – The Wise One

After my walk with these goats, I realised that life in a metro is too demanding and everyone is busy. So busy that we tend to lose connect with ourselves. It could be useful to talk to ourselves, introspect. Ask ourselves the questions – “Are you happy? Is this what you want to do with your life? It’s important to be happy. it’s important to know yourself.”

As for me, “Mmmeinnn *bleating* Now shoo, let me think!”


Photo Courtesy: Instagram @aabra_ka_daabra

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