Home Remedies for Abortion: Tried and Tested?

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Home remedies for you are usually something to manage your period pains. Periods are the clockwork of the body to tell you “hey, not pregnant yet! Let’s move on. Maybe next time.” And for those who do not want a pregnancy, periods are the hallelujah days of the month indeed! But what happens when your periods are late? What happens when you suspect you are pregnant

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A positive pregnancy test kit result is the first thing that gets you into the doom mode! You are panicking and scared about what to do next. You are utterly unprepared to have this pregnancy. As often happens in our tech times, you try to look for solutions in the wide world of the internet to help you get rid of your unwanted pregnancy. 

You want nothing to do with doctors or hospitals. Some of these places cost a bomb and some of these places will shame you for wanting to get an abortion. You are scared to the core and have no support system to help you. As desperate times call for desperate measures, you resort to home remedies for abortion! But are all the internet sources speaking the truth about home remedies for abortion?

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Home remedies to the rescue?

Abortion is not a product of modern medical science. As long as women walked on this planet, so did the abortions. Different cultures have their own unique practices, concoctions to bring about abortion. A few of this herb, a few of those fruits, pound, pinch, squeeze, boil, extract and ta-dah! The abortion mix is ready! Indeed many women did have successful abortions back then, but it is also true that many more women died because of these abortions. 

Internet is inundated with articles about home remedies for abortion. Have you ever given the thought that if these home remedies are so successful, then why does the world need doctors and hospitals for abortion? Anyone who wants an abortion can just sit at home and pound herbs, fruits and whatnot, to have an abortion after all! 

Indeed it is true that centuries-old wisdom about certain herbs, fruits and spices can bring about an abortion, but the catch here is: those people who did administer them knew (in most cases) what they were doing and how to do it. And here you are, in the 21st century, feverishly sourcing all the information from the net on what to do and how to do. Will you be as adept as those creatures of the past in their skills?

Extensive scientific researches have been done by many researchers to assess how effective are these home remedies to bring about abortion. The results are nothing that can make you say, “Hurrah. Home remedies to the rescue!”

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No shortcut indeed!

The lists of things that you can use for home remedies are plenty on the net! Ranging from fruits such as pineapple, papaya to herbs and spices such as parsley, cumin seeds, cinnamon. One thing common in all these sites is their statement that you need to have these in very large quantities! But what they don’t tell you is the toxicity that can be caused by consuming these in unusual amounts! The liver is the organ that can be fatally damaged when you have unusual amounts of toxins in your system because it is the liver that works round the clock to process these toxins. 

Now, by some good luck, your body indeed responded to these home remedies and set forth an abortion, there are high chances that you will have an incomplete abortion! An incomplete abortion is when the uterus has not completely pushed out all the pregnancy tissues through the vagina. An incomplete abortion is highly risky as it can lead to infection and in some cases even death.

Thus it is by no means a shortcut to depend on home remedies for an abortion. The consequences are very serious and you need to be aware of these before you resort to these desperate measures. 

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