Is I-Pill Available in India Without a Prescription?


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You might think since I-Pill has something to do with pregnancy, then for sure, a doctor too must be needed to get an I-Pill? Well, we want to make you realize that I-Pill has nothing to do with doctors! Just like how you walk into a pharmacy to get medicines for headache or fever and come out with the needed tablets, you can do the same for I-Pill too. Long story made short: you don’t need a prescription to get an I-Pill. For that matter, you don’t even need to go to the pharmacy to get an I-Pill because it is widely available in many health and wellness stores as well as supermarkets. 

Can I take I-Pill even after discovering I am pregnant?

I-Pill, as the name ECP suggests, is an Emergency Contraceptive Pill. I-Pill is not an abortion pill. Abortion pills are pills that need to be taken under medical guidance/ supervision in order to terminate an ongoing pregnancy. Abortion pills do not prevent pregnancy but they end a pregnancy. To get abortion pills you need to visit the doctor who will examine you and give the prescription. Pharmacies sell abortion pills only if you have a prescription. 

What is an Emergency Contraceptive Pill?

An Emergency Contraceptive Pill (ECP) is a pill that you need to take to prevent getting pregnant. I-Pill is a brand of ECP. There are numerous other brands of ECP in India. Unwanted 72 is also another leading brand. However, I-Pill is the one widely popular amongst the youth. Perhaps could be due to the extensive ad campaigns for I-Pill. 

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Are Birth Control Pills and Emergency Contraceptive Pills the same?

No, birth control pills and emergency contraceptive pills are not the same. But they both do the same job: to prevent you from getting pregnant. 

Birth control pills are slotted in such a way that there is an entire course of tablets that you need to finish in a month. Basically, you will have to take a tablet every day for a month, and another fresh batch for the next month, so on and so forth. Also, you don’t plan around taking the tablet immediately or after a few hours of having unprotected sex. 

Emergency Contraception Pills are a single-dose pill that needs to be taken within a few hours after having unprotected sex. As the name indicates, it is to be used only in case of an emergency (read it as: use very rarely) and should not be substituted for regular contraception methods (read it as: do not depend on ECP as the regular contraceptive).

[ Just because ECP is an Over-The-Counter drug, doesn’t mean anyone and everyone can use it. If you have pre-existing medical conditions, you must consult a doctor to get advice on using ECP. You can talk to us and we will ensure that you get help from a doctor who understands your position. Click on this Whatsapp chat button: header wp icon ]

I-Pill is to be taken only in the morning. Is that why it is also called a Morning-After Pill?

No, it is not called as Morning-AfterPill because you have to take it in the morning. It is called so because usually sexual activities happen in night and a person would need an emergency contraceptive the next day itself. There is no mandatory requirement that you are supposed to take these emergency contraceptives only in the morning and any time period after that is ineffective. Many ECPs have time frames during which it should be taken. Some have it as within 5 days while some others have it within 72 hours and 48 hours. However, all of these ECPs agree on one thing and that is: it is always best to take the pills as early as possible in the next few hours after having unprotected sex. 

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