Dotted Condoms – The all you need to know

dotted condoms

Dotted condoms as in polka dotted dress types?

Whether you are new to sex or growing in your sexual exploration, one sure shot thing that you need is a condom, especially when having sexual intercourse with a partner.

There is enough information everywhere that tells you why you need to use a condom: prevent pregnancy, prevent STD/ STI and la di da, la di da. 

But do you know enough about the mighty world of condoms? As in, did you know that you have many many options when it comes to choosing a condom that suits your need? In this article, we are going to dotted condoms side effects if there are any and their uses.

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What are dotted condoms?

When the condom surface is not just a smooth and plain one but has a pattern of tiny, elevated, circular dots on it, then it is a dotted condom. 

Well, think of a bubble wrap sheet used to pack fragile things. Now, think of a condom made of a bubble wrap sheet. Ha! Got you there! 

Dotted condoms are stronger than bubble wrap sheets of course! But you get the idea: it’s all about the condom surface which is not smooth and even. Now, let us put the disclaimer/ warning here: do not get too creative and use a bubble wrap sheet as a condom for God’s sake! 

Purpose of dotted condoms

Dotted condoms increase the friction between the penis and the vagina during sexual intercourse. 

Do dotted condoms give more pleasure?

The texture of condoms play a huge role in pleasure. 

For some, textured condoms such as dotted condoms are found to increase pleasure. This is because, with an increase in friction contributed by the dotted surface on the condoms, the nerve endings in the vulva ( the external part of the vagina) are stimulated more. 

Apart from the thrusting action during the sex, the rubbing of the dotted condom penis with the clitoris, increases pleasure for many. The surface texture of the condom is the one bringing in the fireworks to the nerve endings, wherever they are: clitoris or vulva or vagina!

Are dotted condoms painful for women?

Not necessarily. Different bodies react differently. 

The pain factor for dotted condoms come into the picture when the skin is sensitive. If you have a sensitive skin, it is better to not use dotted condoms. 

Many people with sensitive skin have shown to react differently to dotted condoms. Some develop a rash, while some develop inflamed and irritated skin.  

Also, most dotted condoms are made of latex. And if you are allergic to latex, then sexy time will be “aaaarghhh” time when you use such a condom. 

So do a double check on the material of the dotted condom when you purchase them. If you are uncomfortable reading through the labels of the condom box at a shop, well then internet/ online shopping is your solution.

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Which works better, a dotted condom or an ultra thin condom?

If you want a sexual experience with as minimal interference as possible between your and your partner’s sexual organs, then an ultra thin condom is what you need. However, if you want to stimulate all those nerve endings with the help of a textured surface, then a dotted condom is the one to be used. 

Dotted Condoms Side EffectsCaution with Anal Sex!

Dotted condoms increase the sensation when used for anal sex. However, be very generous with using the lubricants. Unlike the vagina, the anus is not self lubricating. And on top of that if you use a textured condom like a dotted condom, then chances are high that you will experience skin irritation, inflammation, burning sensation and pain when you have anal sex. These are some of the dotted condoms side effects. Thus, remember to use the lube when having anal sex. 

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