Online Dating and Sexting: It’s a Match!


It’s a match! Yasssss! Dating, sexting online, who cares? Need compannnnyyyyy!

What is it gonna be this time? 

Shall I do time pass?

Really want some sex. Will he say yes or meh?

Eeeeuuu. Barely a few days chatting and the a****e wants nudes? What a despo!

Thus goes the various reactions once you are in the exciting world of online dating! There are numerous online dating apps that promise you everything you are looking for. Some of you find what you want, and well some don’t. Of course, there are also numerous youngsters who are not looking for anything in specific but want to just have a good time overall. So what is the deal with these apps after all?

Indian youth are thriving in these apps. Reports released by various online dating organizations show that Indian youth are not coy about using dating apps to find love, friendships, sex, or plain old good conversations. There are different apps that cater to different crowds. Amongst youth, Tinder does have the notoriety of a hookup app while Bumble is gaining popularity that no weirdos and freaks can bombard you with eeeeuuuu messages. 

Find a Sexting Partner

With the pandemic and the lengthy lockdown in India, many youngsters took to online dating to get rid of the blues of loneliness and the essential need for company. In their pajamas and boxer shorts we all texted, voice called and video called to give each other some relief from the boredom and the anxiety brought about by the pandemic. Over shared laughter and shared secrets we all started to find friendships, love and online sex! Well, for some we took the bypass route and didn’t bother much about in detail bonding stuff and blah blah blah, and we jumped in straight to let’s talk about sex!

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Online Sexting is the new sizzles:

A study titled ‘Mobile sex-tech apps: How use differs across global areas of high and low gender equality’, published in a peer- reviewed journal Plos One, gave interesting insights into how women use technology when it comes to dating and sex. Anonymous questionnaire was used to get responses from 1,30,885 women across 191 countries. 

Well, Indian women had a lot to say about these apps. Amongst the 23,093 responses from India, 62 percent women use online dating apps for sexting. 44 percent were on the lookout for short term dating, 37 percent wanted long term partners while 29 percent just wanted one night stands. Friends with benefits also had room: 24 percent. In aggregate, 19 percent of Indian women use the apps for long term, short term relationships and one night stands, as against the 21 percent globally. 

The surprising finding is that 62 per cent Indian women are super cool with sexting. According to researchers women in countries with higher gender inequality were less likely to use apps to find a dating partner but nearly four times more likely to engage in sexting when compared with women in regions with lower inequality.

[Small town or big city folks, doesn’t matter. We all are curious about online dating apps. Some of you may already be a pro at it. But if you are a newbie and using these apps, we can help you with tips. End of the day you should not feel unsafe and uncomfortable in these apps and we are here to help. Talk to us by clicking on the Whatsapp chat button now: header wp icon ]

Married? So?

Did you know that there is an exclusive app for extra marital dating? Well, married people too are not far behind in online dating. The app Gleeden’s reports of 2019  show that Indian women prefer older men aged between 30-40 as partners for extra marital affairs, while men mostly prefer women partners aged between 25-30. And not surprisingly, women prefer online exchanges rather than in-person ones. 

The report also ranked cities on the basis of users. Bengaluru is on top with lots of extra marital stuff going on through the app! The capital city Delhi was at 4th place. Mumbai and Kolkata are at 2nd and 3 rd respectively. And Pune is at 5th.

[Hey, we are not here to judge whatever choices you make about your sex life. However, we would always push for the case of safe sex. STIs are rampant you see. And it is not like many of you will ask your hot shot partners whether they have recently been tested for STIs. If you want to know more about having safe sex, talk to us now by clicking on the Whatsapp chat button: header wp icon ]

Sexting Online – What is safe? What is legal?

With the pandemic acting as a catalyst for increased usage of all kinds of dating apps and everyone finding comfort, excitement and support through these apps, it is really important to be aware of navigating sexting such that safety and privacy are not compromised.

[Have you been sexting using online dating apps? Or even if you are not using these apps, have you been sexting using platforms such as Whatsapp? Well, it is very important that your safety and privacy are not compromised. We can give you tips on how to protect yourself. Talk to us now by clicking on the Whatsapp chat button: header wp icon ]

The legal stand of India when it comes to sexting is highly confusing, especially when it comes to consent, age, partnership-marital- nonmarital status. It can come as a ‘WTF’ moment when you know that sexting is actually illegal in India, be it photos or be it videos or even text messages. Nevertheless, we all have our own shares of been there, sent those, received those, when it comes to sexting. However, if shit hits the fan, all of us will be on the same boat about pressing charges against someone who has misused our sexts. 

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