What food to eat after Abortion for Fast Recovery

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Food in general is an important part of our health. We take in food to feel better, it gives us energy and general it affects our mood in different ways. Often after a surgery or a medical intervention, body requires a lot of nutrition. Since the surgery or medical intervention has invaded from outside, it requires a whole range of foods to bring back the energy in a human body.

Abortion is just like any other medical procedure where a person needs to either take some medication or need to get admitted for surgery. It requires some kind of medical care and needs some rest at home. In some cases there is a lot of blood lose, and women are supposed to take 2-3 days of rest. We suggest people to not move much, and rest as much as possible. It would be painful in some cases, like bad cramps in periods. Like any painful periods, we need to focus on healthy food that helps us strengthen our body and is able to help us recover fast.

It becomes all the more important, when one has taken an abortion and is under rest period. Now what does this mean?

Healthy food after Abortion

One might have taken abortion in 2 ways, either the surgical method, or might have taken the pills to get the abortion. Post these methods a body would require nourishment to get health again. People are normally scared thinking what to do after an abortion, what can they and what they can not eat.

Please dont worry. It is a normal process and we just need to ensure that we give our body more strength by eating right quantity of food and good quality of food.

Some of the suggestion to ensure that you have strength to recover faster

Please remember you went through some crazy hormones, so we need to acknowledge that you will have mood swings and we need to manage it. So even though you might crave to eat a lot of junk food, we need to ensure that we focus on good home food.

Iron Rich – Spinach, mint, broccoli – your new diet needs to reflect this. Our body needs a lot of iron to produce haemoglobin. Since there is blood lose, we need to compensate for the blood that we lost during the procedure. The iron rich will help in produce more and more haemoglobin for body to fight any infection if needed.

Omega-3 – Since this is an emotional moment for a lot of people, and there is a change in hormones due to different medicines that one consumed, we need to ensure that our moods in check. Omega-3 is one such source. Sources that are rich in zinc and B12 are also great to fight of depression. We need this to fight of any signs of depression. Food sources like fish, has omega 3 in high quantity. Oysters and sardines are great zinc and B12 sources.

Vitamin Rich sources – In some cases, it helps for people to take in vitamin

Protein rich sources : In some cases fish has been very useful, even daal would be good for you to recover fast.

Stay hydrated : Drink plenty of water . People often forget to drink water, in some of these cases.

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Food to avoid post abortion

  • Alcohol : There is no conversation around it. We would urge you not to look at alcohol
  • Avoid sources that make you feel sick : Many women experience digestive problems like nausea after the abortion. It is part of the hormonal change

Counselling need post abortion

People rely think about this, but counselling can be helpful for women who just had abortion. It might look like. normal procedure, but it is emotional for them and a lot of them also experience emotional trauma because of this. If you are still worried, and are not sure, please whatsapp our carechat team. Our counsellors will assist you. It can be tough for people sometimes to make these decisions, so we in our carechat provide this service, where we help people to make the decisions and accordingly eat the right amount of food required post an abortion.

You should be healthy and ready to move, in 2-3 weeks you should be able to move about. You dont have to take anything special to recover. Just ensure that the source of elements that are suggested above is good enough for you to recover.

Fast recovery post an abortion

This takes time, if one is taken a medical abortion route, then the client will take 5-6 days, and it is best suggested that they rest well. Since it can be painful, one should not force oneself to quickly heal. Body will take time.

If one has taken the surgical method part, one can go back to their daily activities in a day. Since it does not require infusion of any medicines or any other things, there is no hormonal changes, and body does not require a lot to recover.

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