7 Myths about Condoms You Thought were True!


This is the second article of the two-part series on condoms. To read the first article on FAQs on condoms, click here: Condoms: 10 FAQs that Will Make You Give a F**K about Condoms!

1. Wearing two condoms means extra protection.

Don’t apply the principle of two is better than one here, please! Only one condom is all the protection you need. Moreover, two condoms can lead to more friction and breakage defeating the very purpose of them. 

2. Condoms are 100% effective.

Let’s not mislead you. Condoms are more than 95% effective if used properly. However, more often than you think, lack of proper knowledge regarding how to wear it and which condom to use makes them less effective for various reasons such as not putting the condom at the start of sexual intercourse, not leaving enough space on the tip for semen to get collected, putting the condom inside out and so on. Still, it’s the only contraception method that prevents the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and thus is highly recommended.

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3. The sensitivity of the penis reduces if you use condoms. 

Not really. The quality criteria of condom manufacturing include using material that does not impact the penis sensitivity at all. Using condoms during sexual intercourse does not lessen sexual pleasure but makes it safer. If at all, there is some kind of allergic reaction by using condoms, it’s advisable to consult your doctor. 

4. Condoms can be washed and reused. 

A big NO for the people at the back! Condoms are to be used only once during one type of sexual activity. It means a condom should be changed every time you shift from vaginal to anal sex. 

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5. Condom is not required if I’m not involved in penetrative sex. 

Condoms are not only used to prevent unplanned pregnancy but also sexually transmitted diseases. So, even if you are indulging in oral sex, using a condom is a must. Other than that, if you are using sex toys, a new condom for every partner on every such toy should be used. Let’s be safe than sorry!

6.Oil can be used as lubrication while wearing a condom. 

Any oil-based lubes or oil-based products like petroleum jelly, vaseline, etc should be strictly avoided when using latex condoms. The oil and latex combination causes more harm than help which will lead to condom breakage. Water or silicone-based lubricants should be preferred over anything. The usage of saliva should be also prevented as it dries up too fast.

7. It is safe to continue sexual intercourse for a minute or two after ejaculating in the condom. 

Sorry to break it to you but even biology wouldn’t support this! After ejaculation, your penis softens. There are high chances that semen collected in a condom can leak, putting you at greater risk of pregnancy. Alternatively, you can remove that condom, dispose it and put on a new one.  


Condom-protected sex when you are not planning for a baby is the best option for your sexual health and pleasure. Also, it keeps you safe from Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)! If your partner shows any resistance to use condoms except medical reasons, a conversation around your reproductive choices is a must.

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