Why are Condoms Flavoured? Just Fancy or Really Useful?

flavoured condoms

Ever browsed through online shopping for condoms? The options are just mind blowing! Flavoured condoms especially!

Ever wondered why are condoms flavoured? Isn’t it enough to just have the usual, plain condoms? Are flavoured condoms just another marketing strategy to charge you more for a condom?

Why condoms have flavour?

Many of you think that oral sex (fellatio to be specific) is pretty safe as there is no chance whatsoever to get pregnant. Well, safe sex is not just about pregnancy you know! As much as condoms are needed to protect you and your partner from unplanned pregnancy, condoms are also needed against STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections). And oral sex (fellatio) can give you and your partner STIs when you do not use a condom.

The thing about using usual condoms for oral sex (fellatio) is that not many like the smell of the latex up so close on their face. When you and your partner are climbing the stairways to pleasure through oral sex, ka-boom! The smell of the latex, hitting the one giving the oral sex, over and over, as the head glides to and away, from the penis shaft, can make the person climb down the pleasure ladder faster than you can say “almost there”. 

This is why you need flavoured condoms. With so many flavours to choose from, the flavoured condoms give you the options of having protected oral sex, with no off-putting smell or taste of latex. However, you need to have a trial and error to see which flavoured condoms are the ones liked by and your partner. Once you have your pick, then it’s all set for safe oral sex (fellatio), and you have the added excitement of having a flavourful licking and tasting (wink, wink)

[Condoms are the best contraceptives to prevent Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). If you have not been using condoms and suspect that you have an infection, talk to us immediately. There is nothing to be ashamed of, nothing to get scared about. We will get you help from affordable, safe and nonjudgemental doctors. Click on the Whatsapp chat button now: header wp icon ]

Use of flavoured condoms

Flavoured condoms are not recommended for vaginal or anal sex. This is because the flavouring agents present in such condoms are found to cause irritation in the vagina and anus. 

Some of the flavoured condoms have artificial sweeteners in them and they can upset the pH balance of the vagina. 

The pH battle:

Have you wondered what exactly is this pH balance? Well, to simplify it without giving you the high school Chemistry terror, let’s put it this way: the weather is usually measured and expressed as degree celsius, right? Just like that, when we need to measure and express acidity/ basicity we do it so in pH and not celsius. 

Now, if you get a weather report, say “It is 40 degrees celsius today”, you would say it is summer! Similarly, if you get a weather report “It is 10 degree celsius today”, you would say it is winter. pH also is something like that: just a measuring tool. 

When the pH is below 7, we would say it is acidic. And when the pH is above 7, we would say it is basic. 

For a vagina, the pH is usually between the range of 3.8 and 4.5 and thus a vagina is said to be acidic. Now, don’t get all scared when you read the vagina is acidic! It is not acidic-acidic like the sulphuric acid or hydrochloric acid that you see in Chemistry labs. 

Vagina’s acidity is mainly due to the bacteria ‘Lactobacilli’. They live in and around the vagina and there are many more types of bacteria (which is very normal, nothing to feel icky about.  We have bacteria living inside our mouth as well! All is well in the bacteria homeland of humans). 

Lactobacilli produces lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide which contributes to keeping the vagina acidic. 

However, when flavoured condoms are used, the artificial sweeteners on them will be taken up by these Lactobacilli and they produce larger amounts of lactic acid etc than the usual amounts. This will alter the pH balance of the vagina.

 Some people develop a minor irritation, while many develop a yeast infection or a bacterial infection in the vagina when flavoured condoms are used frequently. 

Even though many flavoured condoms mention on the package that they can be used for all kinds of sexual activities, it is always best to not use the flavoured condoms for vaginal intercourse, as well as anal intercourse.

From oral to vaginal

If you start with oral sex and then move to vaginal or anal sex, then it is always better that you change the condom from flavoured to nonflavoured. As in, use your favourite flavoured condom for oral sex and irrespective of ejaculation occurring you must remove the flavoured condom and use a non flavoured condom when you later have vaginal/ anal sex.

[STIs continue to shame many of you into silence and embarrassment. It is only when it gets out of your hands, when you suffer unbearable pain and associated signs, that you reach out for help. Why do you wait until it is too late? If you suspect you have an infection talk to us immediately! Click on this Whatsapp chat button now: header wp icon ]

Flavoured condoms and allergies

If you think since flavoured condoms are nothing like the regular condoms and that they smell and taste great, then surely they have nothing to do with latex, well we will have to burst your bubble! Many flavoured condoms are in fact made of latex. There will be a coating of flavouring agents on top of this latex, that’s all! So, those of you and your partners’ who have a latex allergy, well you ought to steer clear of those flavoured condoms made of latex.

There are flavoured condoms made of non allergic materials. Just read the package and make your pick.  

So, what are you waiting for? Go explore the online shopping for these. Word of caution: there are flavours such as Kala Khatta, Achari !! Yeah, be amused or get really curious and buy those too amongst the usual ones such as strawberry, banana etc etc. 

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