Is there a difference between Morning after pill and abortion pill?

morning after pills and some other pills in bottles.

There is often a confusion around what are these two pills : Morning after Pill and abortion pills? Can they both be used interchangeably?

Answer is a BIG NO. Abortion Pill and Morning After Pill are two different pills.

Let us explain : What is Morning After Pill?

As the name suggests, it is a pill that one can use after they had sex. It is used for emergency purposes only.

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What is abortion Pill?

Abortion pills are used after one realises one is pregnant and one does not want to proceed with the pregnancy. In India, it can be used upto 8-9 weeks of pregnancy. They are also called medical abortion.

How do we use Emergency Contraceptive Pills?

These pills are often taken as single pills with water or some kind of liquid. They are meant to be taken as soon as possible after a sex.

How do we use Abortion Pills?

It is best to meet a doctor in India, who would explain to you how to take these pills. They are Combo pack pills, which are taken with some time gap in between them.

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