Will abortion affect my future pregnancy?

future pregnancy

Having an abortion is unlikely to affect your future pregnancy or the ability to have normal pregnancies. Medical research and literature, including sources such as the Mayo Clinic, Healthline, NHS, and Medical News Today, indicate that elective abortion is not generally thought to cause fertility issues or complications in future pregnancies1. While there may be a very small risk of infection that could affect future pregnancy, most infections are treated before they reach this stage, and antibiotics may be given before an abortion to reduce the risk of infection3. In rare cases, complications such as scarring of the uterine wall or damage to the cervix may make it more difficult to get pregnant again, but both medical and surgical abortions are generally low risk4. Therefore, it is possible to have a healthy pregnancy after an abortion, and the decision to have an abortion is not likely to have a significant impact on future fertility or pregnancy outcomes.

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What do medical journals say about abortion pills and future pregnancy?

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) also states that an abortion is a low-risk procedure and does not generally affect the ability to get pregnant in the future4. While there may be a very small risk of pregnancy complications, such as an increased risk of the baby being born early in future pregnancies, the overall consensus is that abortion, whether surgical or medication-induced, is unlikely to affect future fertility1245.

how long does it take for fertility to return after an abortion

After an abortion, fertility can return relatively quickly. Ovulation, the release of an egg from the ovary, can occur as soon as two weeks after an abortion, and it’s possible to get pregnant again before the next menstrual period. The exact timing of ovulation and the return of fertility can vary based on the individual’s menstrual cycle and how far along the pregnancy was. In most cases, an abortion does not affect fertility or future pregnancies, and it is possible to conceive again soon after the procedure. It’s important to discuss any concerns about fertility with a healthcare provider, but generally, there is no need to delay attempting to conceive after an abortion

what are the long-term effects of having an abortion and future pregnancy?

While there may be emotional and psychological effects, the evidence does not support the idea that abortion has significant long-term physical or fertility-related consequences35. It’s important to discuss any concerns about the long-term effects of abortion with a healthcare provider to get personalized information and support.

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